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August 31, 2007

Friday Recap: Panda-Sized Edition

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My apologies for the lack of Recap last week. I was going to write one, I was…and then I decided that after 4 crazy days of liveblogging and running around in San Jose, going home and getting some sleep would be a good idea. Don’t hate me; hate Susan. What did Susan give you last week? A whole bunch of nothin’.

A ginormous THANKS to our friends at (hi, Patrick, Jennifer, Erik & Gary!) who were kind enough to send over some fun goodies for me us. During and post-SES, we have acquired two awesome Ask3D T-shirts, a my-life-is-now-complete Messenger bag (!) [So jealous. –Susan], a collection of cute pens and an pad. And I mentioned Jim Lanzone said my name during the keynote, right? I’m in Ask heaven.

Thanks again, guys! Now everyone else go try out Ask3D. It’s awesome.

While we’re on the topic of schwag, while I was busy blogging and working really hard last week, apparently everyone else was cruising the exhibition hall for goodies. You can check out my BFF Tamar Weinberg’s holdings over at Techipedia and it looks like Stoney deGeyter and his team did pretty well too.

Ralph Wilson saw a bunch of SEOs standing around and decided to capitalize on the opportunity by sticking a camera and a microphone in their faces. Ralph asked search marketers to go on camera and demonstrate Google’s mating call. The results were hilarious. (If you look closely, you can spot me chatting with some of the BC gang in the background!). Google’s not so scary now, is it? ;)

It appears that many of our favorite search marketers are still in a state of delirium following last week’s big SES show. Joe Whyte crafted a horribly frightening Letterman-esque What if SEOs mated piece, Rhea Drysdale drafted her own SEO Dream Team, and Pat Sexton created a somewhat uncomfortable video illustrating how to open a beer with a lighter. These people need sleep, especially Pat.

The Healthy Living blog tells us that 45 percent of Americans fall asleep on the job, 39 percent are kissing their coworkers and 18 percent of employees are sneaking back into work at night in order to snoop around. Dude, who’s hiring these people?

While we’re talking about weirdo employees, fear not, fellow coffee drinkers. With these simple instructions even the Eyes-Open Sleeper guy can make a decent pot of coffee. Mmm, coffee…

Hitwise reports that the Flavor of Love casting site was among the most visited Web sites within the TV category last week. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t make me proud to be a woman. Or a human.

Family Hack gives us an effective little trick to help you retrieve that wedding ring you just dropped down your drain. Hurry, if you fish it out quickly the wife won’t know it was missing in the first place and you won’t have to spend tonight on the couch!

This week I learned that sometimes when you need a panda-sized hug, only a panda will do. And look, four totally cute orphaned hedgehogs adopted a brush as a mother. I want to adopt them all!

Also totally cute: Origami Yoda!

What’s not cute is this robotic devil kitten that is so going to come to life at night and eat your children’s little faces. Don’t believe me? Go rent Chucky.

Alan Weisman took a look at what the world would look like without us and well, it makes me feel kind of crappy. Enjoy!

A 17-year-old unlocked the iPhone and traded it in for a Nissan 350z plus three 8GB iPhones. Dude, the kid got a car. A nice car! In other news, 11 more months until my crappy little Chevy Aveo is paid off. I so poor.

I’m not so amused by this but I know Susan will whine cry comment if I don’t mention it, so here goes: Some crazy people constructed the craziest tree house ever (take that Sullivan!). It’s circular, comes with appliances, and should roll down the hill really nicely when it comes detached from whatever is holding it up and kills the small children living inside. [I’m going to comment anyway. I want that tree house.–Susan]

Other fun things I learned this week: Always believe someone when they say their sick, the law of the Reverse Savage, M&M’s come in varying degrees of strength, and the 10 love songs that can end your relationship.

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week:

  • I don’t have a land line, but I want that blue phone.
  • Horns and fingers/toes are better in sets of 6s.
  • People can do awesome things with Post-Its. I just use mine for leaving notes. I am so lame.
  • Spiders are so gross. Spiders. Gross. Ah!
  • Finally, a visual to help you figure out how much foam goes in that yummy cappuccino. That would be your “kap-oo-chee-noh”.
  • The Red Sox have the curse of the Bambino to worry about, but the Yankees have the curse of the…squirrel? And which team is more hardcore? [Dodgers! Go Blue!–Susan] – It’s like a tic with you. That’s what I thought.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone!

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One response to “Friday Recap: Panda-Sized Edition”

  1. pat writes:

    Only somewhat?

    I am friggen jealous of the Ask stuff. I am so gonna get some of that.

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