Found Agency, Tim McDonald on Ad Group Management

Tim is the founder and CEO of Found Agency. Found positions themselves as the paid search advertising experts in Australia.
Tim will explain how imperative it is to group keywords and ad copy correctly in order to have an optimised paid search campaign.

Being from an organic search background I am really excited for this session, it’s always nice to see how the ‘other side’ live and work.

Plan before you start

  • Research your market
  • Key drivers for buyers?
  • What makes you better?
  • What do people actually search for?
  • How much time for SEM?
  • Budget?
  • Audience- geo/time/network type?
  • Search/content?
  • Creative options?

Targeting Options

    Campaign targeting

  • Search/display
  • Geo/time/demographics
  • Start/end dates
  • Daily budgets

    Ad group targeting

  • Keyword and sites
  • CPM/CPC bids
  • Ad creative-text, display

Adwords Limits

  • 25 campaigns per account
  • 100 ad groups per campaign
  • 200 keywords per ad group

Why be concerned with CTR?

  • Direct impact on ROI
  • Metric of ad/keyword effectiveness
  • If little/no relevancy, ads may not sure
  • High CTR= more visitors and better ROI

What’s the best AdWords structure?

  • No single structure is best
  • Make it granular and manageable
  • Clustered keyword themes
  • Test and adapt

Consider separating:

  • Brands and high performance
  • Content/display
  • Head vs. longtail
  • Keyword match type
  • Keyword topics/themes

Content network recommendations

  • Separate content-only campaign
  • Fewer keywords per ad group
  • Broad match
  • Separate bids for content audience
  • Consider top-performing placements

This past session has been somewhat of a technical nature and judging by the looks on the faces around me along with the fact that the day is slowly drawing to an end, the next speaker Nathan Stewart had better ramp things up a notch in order to keep this audience captivated.

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