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September 26, 2008

Friday Recap: Kittens and Cupcakes Edition

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Grab on to your cupcakes, this is my last Friday Recap! Eric Lander says that means this one has to be especially good. Thanks for putting the pressure on me, Eric. Remind me to hunt you down and kick you. In the face.

Okay then!

I became a Twitter Meme this week after all the retweets about my leaving Bruce Clay, Inc and speculation as to where I’m going next. Kind of exciting, until I remembered that in a few hours I will be officially unemployed. Bummer.

And do you want to know how badly the other Writers are NOT going to miss me? Here’s part of a Skype conversation we had in the Writing room yesterday:

Lisa Barone says:
Lisa Barone says: Searches for cupcakes totally trump searches about the financial crisis. These are MY kind of people.
[New Writer] Paula Allen says: could be because of YOUR searches
Susan Esparza says: Zing!
Lisa Barone says: [tear]

See? Even the Bruce Clay newbies are on Susan’s side. Sigh. [It’s good to be the boss. –Susan] I wouldn’t know. I’m not even the boss of Jack Jack.

Neatorama compiles the Top 15 Amazingly Fat Cats. It’s awesome. And immediately reminded me of David Temple and his fat cat. Ah, nice flashback. :)

Some folks over at the Search Engine Roundtable forums were sad to hear that would be retiring Jeeves. The world must be so confusing to those who have spent the last two years living in bomb shelters.

Jeremy Zawodny is jealous that Keir Thomas got to put a kitten on the cover his book. But then again, aren’t we all? It’s the cutest book cover in the whole wide world; yes, it is!

This week the world met Hubert Chang, the alleged third member of Team Larry and Sergey. Hubert says he helped write Google’s PageRank formula but chose to finish school and get his PhD instead of dropping out like hoodlums Larry and Sergey. To Hubert we respectfully say: tough luck. You didn’t believe in Google enough to drop out of school, they did. Enjoy your career at McDonalds. Maybe someday your old buddies will buy you. Here’s a quarter.

Oddity Central introduced us to the vertical bed. It makes me sleepy just looking at it. Mmm, bed. Which reminds me, have you met iNap? I think it’s the coolest iPhone application I’ve seen yet. Other than all those lighter apps that do nothing but are still kind of mesmerizing. Ooo, pretty light.

TechRadar pinpoints the top 15 things you should never do on Facebook. Most of them are pretty good rules to live by, except number 15. I’ll totally be your zombie pirate snot monster. After all, I already have the pirate outfit.

Problogger offers some tips on how to avoid the physical hazards of blogging. I’m pretty sure I’d break my neck on the contraption they show in about two seconds. But then again, I got up to open the blinds at work the other day and almost split my head open on my desk. I’m pretty.

Tamar Weinberg talks about the new night vision in Google Maps. I’m sorry, but see how that’s just a little eerie? I think Google should only exist in the daytime. I don’t like them creeping around at night like the boogeyman.

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week:

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One response to “Friday Recap: Kittens and Cupcakes Edition”

  1. Eric Lander writes:

    While I hope I won’t be kicked in the face, I do say this is the best recap ever. And no, I’m not at all influenced by the link love to start off. :)

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