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November 14, 2008

Friday Recap: Happy 100th Birthday

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Happy 100th Friday Recap to the Bruce Clay blog! The blog told me to thank to Susan and Lisa Barone — I linked there because I know she’d want me to ;) — for helping to bring about 100 fun-filled and laugh-out-loud posts! Me, it’s not so impressed by. Too bad, blog! You’re mine now! On to the recap.

It was a special week for the Digital marketing industry as hundreds of marketers converged upon that twinkly spot in the middle of the desert for WebmasterWorld’s PubCon 2008. As I speak, I know at least a few Bruce Clay, Inc. folk are crawling the strip with the rest of the hard-core attendees. (Have one for me!)

But PubCon wasn’t all fun and games. A debate has grown out of the conference coverage after John Coronella at the Online Marketer blog asserted that liveblogging was merely inaccurate and unedited reporting. Ouch. Luckily, a look at the comments on Sphinn and responses — like this one from everyone’s favorite mystery-shrouded WBP blogger, Quality Gal — seek to communicate the benefits gained by readers of liveblog coverage. Amen! [I want to say here that if you ever see an inaccuracy in our liveblogging, please please please comment or email us so that we can fix it. –Susan]

With that said, there are several places that you can go to read about many of the sessions that took place at PubCon, such as our blog, Search Engine Roundtable, the We Build Pages blog, WebProNews, and the round-up of coverage from across the Web over at Search Engine Land. There will also be highlights and takeaways reported in this month’s SEO Newsletter, set to hit inboxes Monday.

Of course, marketers weren’t the only ones traveling the country this week. The flu has started its yearly cross-country journey, and now you can track its whereabouts with Google Flu Trends. If you click-through to read more, there’s a nifty animated graph that shows just how ahead of the curve this search trend data really is. Digg founder Kevin Rose has also leveraged the interest people have in tracking germs, creating a Twitter profile for his cold. Gotta love social media!

Or not. Over at The Blog Herald, Chris Garrett wonders if bloggers are killing social media. Luckily, there is still praise for bloggers and social media, as we can see from Mashable’s second annual Open Web Awards. Show the love, people!

Another social media contest underway right now is Copyblogger’s Twitter Writing Contest. Entrants can submit a haiku in 140 characters for a chance to win a MacBook Air! Do not be misled. Haiku writing is quite hard. At least to do well. Heh.

No stranger to the social media circles, President-Elect Obama is staying true to his deep online roots, announcing that the president’s weekly radio address will be available on YouTube. How hip is our president! While I’m giving props, this compatibility report is an excellent resource for finding out what Firefox extensions are compatible with the browser’s new version.

By now you may have heard of a number of cool new programs and features being launched by the search engines this week. Along with Flu Trends, Google also made news with its voice search application for the iPhone, voice and video chat features in Gmail (they’re offering 30 percent off webcams from Logitech and!), Ancient Rome layer in Google Earth and the SEO Starter Guide. Ian Lurie has a head-scratching critique of the guide over at the Conversation Marketing blog that’s worth a read.

Not to be outdone, Live Search released an API for publishers and Web developers as part of Project Silk Road. The engine has also reported that its cashback program is showing improved ROI, while parent company Microsoft opened up a second retail site, the Microsoft Store. Meanwhile, Google’s commercial and product searches are down.

What’s not down at the moment is video game sales. And MarketingProfs reports that gaming is not just a man’s sport, if you can call it that. Forty percent of gamers are women. Apparently, a sinking economy puts people — all people — in the mood to game. Game on!

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

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One response to “Friday Recap: Happy 100th Birthday”

  1. Lisa Barone writes:

    You did not just link there? How could you do that to me? I thought we were friends, V? I’ve left you alone with Susan for too long. :)

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