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June 3, 2011

Friday Recap: Twittersphere Edition

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Some of us enjoyed a short work week this week – aren’t three consecutive days off refreshing? I’m going to start a petition to get this on the ballot. It’s going to be called the “Save Your Sanity” law. Who’s with me?

Fail Whale Palm Pre Wallpaper

Now, let’s dive into some of this week’s headlines.

Ready for some serious social media research? No, not the social media research marketers put out – the kind colleges put out. Like a six-month study on a theory called Dunbar’s number, which states that people can only mentally maintain an average of 150 stable relationships by nature. The study, focusing on Twitter as the medium, shows Dunbar’s number still applies to social media communities.

In more Twitter news, the answer to Facebook’s Like button is Twitter’s new instant Follow button, eliminating the extra step a person has to take to follow someone from a website.

Now for some more Twitter data; studies show people asking for retweets in their tweets are more likely to be retweeted (the English language hates me for that sentence). One step further, using “retweet” instead of “RT” receives three times more retweets.

But maybe the English language doesn’t hate me, since it’s decided to add such tomfoolery to its dictionary as “Twittersphere” and “ZOMG.”

Some fun infographics this week include the Matt Cutts debunking flowchart and the anatomy of an infographic.

+1 for Google for making booking flights easier with its new flight schedule feature. I asked Bruce’s executive assistant how it worked for her, and she said it was great. Since Bruce travels about 300 days a year, I’ll take that as a really good endorsement.

Speaking of +1, Google officially launched its +1 website button for sites. Implementation code and the potential confusion of +1 was discussed on Search Engine Roundtable.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been fascinated with Groupon’s writing process. The New York Times published a really cool look into the creation and editing process at Groupon. The biggest surprise? You don’t have to be funny to work there; they teach you how to be.

OK, Susan isn’t here today to defend herself, but I’m gonna say being the die-hard Dodgers fan she is, that she would probably totally understand this dad’s reasoning in the following video:

That’s a wrap for today. Don’t forget we’re bringing you live coverage of SMX Advanced next week, starting Tuesday, so tune into the blog for that. Have a good weekend!

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