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September 15, 2006

Friday Recap: Snakes on a Googleplex Edition

  • Print Friendly, PDF & Email conducted a study and found hat IT people are “twice as likely” to wear heavy metal t-shirts and 33 percent LESS likely to wear clean clothes every day. This “study” clearly proves that IT people are rock stars–dirty, grungy rock stars. I’d love to see what “data” they used to discover this. Either way, go Team Nrrd!

[I have taken a survey of our IT department and found this to be false. However, IT does think that Math is Delicious.–Susan]

Robert Scoble and I apparently agree on something: Google Press Center is useless. Robert received his Google/ Intuit Partnership email notification about four hours after it was widely covered on Techmeme. That’s very helpful and impressive. Personally, I’d like to thank Google for locking me out of their Multimedia Press Center because for being a mere blogger. Oh well, one day I’ll be worthy enough.

While I was being rejected from Google’s Press Center, MiniMatt composed a haiku about paid links. Are you read for it? [Clears throat]

“Advertising’s fine
Buying links for PR: bad
Google senses much”

Excellent work, Adam MiniMatt!

Eric Ward gave us part one of his Linking Commandments and the blogosphere linked appropriately. I particularly enjoyed Eric’s distinction between being a “link whore” to being just “marginally slutty”. And he’s right, unless you want to disappear from the Web completely, it is never ever a good idea to use Matt Cutts’ name in vain.

Three things you have to know: Rand. On video. With a transformer.

This level of hot geekdom renders me speechless. In the video, Rand speaks about how he learned about the engines, his passion for the job, the advantages of going over to “the dark side”, and how he thinks I’m incredible. Okay, maybe there’s one of those he didn’t talk about. I won’t tell you which one though.

Over at Cartoon Barry, we learn why men should never be trusted to baby sit without a female present. Left to their own devices, the supposed male watcher will end up taking creepy pictures of himself, adding scary effects and then uploading them onto to Flickr. Meanwhile, young baby is left alone to crawl out a window and reenact Christmas morning by sitting atop the family’s chimney contemplating making the jump. Oh, Barry…

The Funniest Line of the Day award goes to Nathan Weinberg. Nathan used the following to title his post regarding Google’s blatant linking to ripped videos:

“Okay, lets make a deal: You Don’t Promote Copyright Violations, And I Don’t Call You A Hypocrite.”

Heh. One of this week’s almost-winners was Marissa Mayer and her assertion that “It’s what I always wanted”. Good Morning Silicon Valley speculated the comment was either in reference to the iTV demo she witnessed or Steve Jobs’ soft black turtleneck. I think we all know which one she really wanted.

Nathan also pointed us to a handy cheat sheet from Some cheats I didn’t know about:

  • Time in: get the time anywhere in the world.
  • Betweendate: search engines between two dates. (i.e. madonna songs betweendate:19940201, 19991119)
  • Geoloc: searches on geographic location

Pretty cool!

Now, this got me. I understand that file-sharing is bad. Really, I get it. It kills me to see already-wealthy musicians lose money. But did we really send in “top officials” from the U.S Patent Office to scare pig-tailed 2nd graders into paying for music on the Internet? Yes, yes we did. Those 7-year-olds just can’t be trusted! [You have to be carefully taught, Lisa. Haven’t you seen South Pacific? –Susan]

[Susan, you know I haven’t seen South Pacific. You know this because I haven’t seen any of the i-swear-you-made-that-title-up movies you’ve asked me about in the past 6 months.]

Apparently the message is getting through, though. After the assembly, second grader Griffin Lindahl recounted what he had learned: “No taking other people’s stuff!” Fellow second grader Mikayla Snyder then added, “Don’t copy other people’s ideas or you’ll get in trouble”. I feel dirty.

Niniane Wang (via Andy) explains that sometimes working at Google means getting stuck in traffic, attacked by snakes and watching your servers die. Eeek! We’re sorry, Niniane! If it makes you feel better, the snakes were probably only there because they smelled all the rodents that were hanging out around Google (like this guy). They’ve probably eaten them and are gone now. We hope Friday’s working out better for you.

Finally, a personal thank you to Michael Arrington who blogged about Blogmusik last Saturday, a service that allows users to search for songs and play them instantly via an iPod-modeled Flash player. The database is pretty large and I was able to find and listen to many of my most favorite songs. The playlist I created was one of the few things able to keep me sane this week. So, Michael, I thank you.

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