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October 13, 2006

Friday Recap: Limeric k-licious Edition

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I think a comic is the perfect way to start today off, don’t you? Excellent, because the guys at bLaugh have created one that all-too-accurately depicts my current state of mind on this headache-pounding Friday.
A Shitty Situation

Ain’t that the truth…

Lots of great videos posted throughout the blogosphere this week, in case you missed any highlights include:

  • Naked Hard Drives shows you what’s responsible for all those little noises erupting out of your PC tower when you do stuff like delete files or copy and paste text. Am I the only one who had no idea there was a little record player hidden inside my computer? That must be what plays my CDs. Got it.
  • A bunch of boys deliver their McDonalds order serenade style — and they’re not half bad! Well, except for that kid attempting the McD’s jingle, he should be voted out. Disappointingly, the drive-thru employee looks neither impressed, nor amused with the boys rendition. But that’s why he works at McDonalds. Kidding!
  • SER points us to an awesome video of things flying on Google Images (its very Harry Potter) and compiles some of the clever Yahoo! videos that have been airing lately. Some of them are very, very cute, especially the raising of Scruffy.
  • Stephen Colbert has calculated that Google owes him $700 million for the 2,600+ Colbert videos currently uploaded onto YouTube and the mentions of YouTube on the show. We’ve mentioned YouTube on the blog quite a bunch, how much do we get? C’mon, girl needs a condo.
  • John Battelle spent part of Wednesday mesmerized by a shimmying woman. (See actual shimmying here.) It didn’t have quite the same affect on me; it made me not want to eat.

    And yes, I did just lump animation in with video. What are you gonna do about it?

Phil Lenssen points to (and giggles at) the news that Google has acquired your wife for the bargain price of $2. The “article” also reported:

“While your wife couldn’t be reached for comment, FakeCrunch was able to track you down for your thoughts whom simply said ‘Ka-Ching!'”

My fiancé’s reaction would definitely not be “ka-ching”. It would be silence has he tried to calculate how many beers that would buy him during Monday Night Football – and whether they’d throw in some free hotdogs to sweeten the deal. You think I’m kidding.

Suicide is not funny. It is absolutely not funny. But sometimes cops reading too much into suicide notes are.

Quick! Stop thinking about suicide and go look at Thumbelina. If that didn’t give you the warm and fuzzies, just pull the plug.

For more stuff to make you smile (or question human intelligence), check out BoingBoing’s list of… odd things? If you’re not grossed out, it’s because you didn’t click on the I’m Going to Eat Everything at McDonalds link. Never. Eating. Again.

Danny Sullivan reveals his highly-sophisticated and complex method of conference planning. All hail the mighty Post-It. If I could take a picture of my wall at work you’d see Danny, Matt and I are all relying on the same system. Glue rocks and it can’t be erased.

Rand Fishkin must be growing tired of the proclamations of love I keep leaving on his voicemail because he is obviously trying to give me a new target. How else can you explain him linking to an adorable mop-headed little boy who writes in sonnets?

Also over at SEOmoz, Rebecca delivers The SEOmoz Hiring Article, which is seriously laugh-out-loud funny. Ignore the critics, Rebecca, it was a job well done.

Lastly, a note to my love friend, Rand – quit trying to steal my thunder with your little “bloggregation” post. Don’t think I don’t see what you’re doing. You’re going after my Friday Recap! :)

Seriously though, thanks for the kind words, Rand. [blushes] If I wasn’t having as much fun, and as aware of how lucky I am to be working with an incredibly talented BC staff, perhaps I’d be trying to weasel my way over to Seattle. But really, who has a more fun job here (or anywhere) than I do?

[However, I do have a review coming up in a few weeks, so if you could pass your thoughts of my awesomeness over to Bruce, it would very much be appreciated. Kthanks. :) ]

[Dear Rand, you can’t have her, she’s ours. Also she’s chained to the desk. We only let her out for conferences and then we put her in one of those house arrest ankle bracelets. –Susan] — You should see the bruises…

What’s that, curious reader? You want to see some of this BC talent I spoke of? Okay, okay. Here’s a special treat from new BC hire Darren Slatten, who composed a delicious little bilingual limerick for our very own Susan Esparza.

“There once was a writer named Susie,
El coche she drives esta blue, sí?
“Your limerick skills,
They give me the chills!”
She told me, while drinking hard boozey.”

Sorry, guys, you can’t have him, He’s all ours!

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