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December 22, 2006

Friday Recap: Year-End Heckler Edition

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Normally, we’d just link off but since this is possibly the greatest video of 2006 (and Susan is in Japan so there’s no one here to rein me in, muahaha), I’m going to give it to you right here. Watch how this adorable, incomprehensible baby 2-year-old human handles a heckler.

Why is it the only time baby speak is understandable is when said baby is agitated? But in all seriousness, did her parents really sit her down and explain to her that she’s a human? Doesn’t this make you think her parents may be slightly, well, nonhuman?

Baby better be careful or robotic grandma will put her through the airport x-ray machine. Nice.

In his Friday Recap rip off (kidding!), Stuntdubl points us to America’s Worse Commutes. After reading it, I will officially stop complaining about my 45 minute drive to work. There are clearly people who have it much, much worse.

TechCrunch conducted a poll after picking apart Yahoo! Personal’s business model and asked readers which was more important, looks or personality. Well, you’ll be happy to know that computer nerds are just as shallow as regular folk, with more than 70 percent saying looks come first. I’m never dating again, am I?

Slashdot pointed us to the 10 Most Dangerous Toys of All Time and I don’t feel at all bad that I broke out in giggle fits through the entire thing. Decapitation is meant to be laughed at.

Speaking of danger, what would you do if you tried on a pair jeans and felt a five-centimeter long scorpion crawling up your leg? I would have a heart attack and die. That’s what I would do.

There was crazy talk last week that Google babied their employees in order to keep them under the Googleplex roof. That was obviously a horrible lie. On a side note, please ignore this picture of Googler’s in pajamas and booties, I mean slippers.

Search Engine Journal presents 97.5 Ways to get Banned (or penalized) by Search Engines. Rock!

Speaking of Loren Baker, he offered up one of the most fun 5 Things post I’ve seen. If you haven’t read it, you should. Go now and I’ll meet you back here.

Back? Cool.

Tiny Nibbles compiled a list of the Top Ten Sexiest Geeks of 2006. They lost points for ranking Kevin Rose in at number 7 (um, ew), but they scored them back again by giving me Ze Frank at number two. Yummy.

Jeremy Zawodny says it’s not a pony, but look, a pony! And it’s in Solvang, which is only a couple hours drive from here. I get to stalk the pony! (You’re missing my patented over-excited face.)

Jakob Nielsen gives an amusing look at Usability in Movies – Top 10 Bloopers. I too have pondered the elusive access denied/ access granted phenomenon.

If you’re thinking about what to get your favorite blogger, how about a diamond-encrusted USB drive? It’s like a dog tag for non military people. And pretty.

The folks at the Google Operating System blog discovered that Google now claims to deliver Book Search results in “0.00” seconds. How’s that for service? It’s like I’m so Google-controlled that they can predict what I’m going to search for before I even ask. Why don’t they just print out my daily searches for me when I come in the morning?

Because that’s the kind of friend he is, Barry Schwartz points out that the wife of Danny Sullivan publicly ding’d Danny over at Daggle and called him a plonka. I love Mrs. Sullivan and Barry for pointing it out.

Phil Lenssen shows that sometimes Google has a sense of humor. You know who also suddenly has a sense of humor? Search Engine Watch. When did that happen?

SoloSEO went through a lot of effort to discern what Santa’s favorite cookie is. To bad it was the worst test ever and he’s still wrong. Everyone knows Santa’s favorite cookie is the sugar cookie! It has to be. The sugar cookie is the best cookie in the history of awesome cookies.

I want to thank Socially Given for telling me I’m colorblind. Merry Christmas to you too. Jerks.

Lastly, I want to take a second to say thank you. Though crappy for me personally, 2006 was a winner professionally. In February, I was warmly adopted into the amazing Bruce Clay clan, and in some ways, by all of you as well. To top it off, I scored a hug from the dreamy Rand Fishkin in Chicago, who can complain after that?

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us (and me!) this past year. And a special thanks to the Bruce Clay, Inc. team for being so overwhelmingly supportive as I attempted to pick myself up off the ground these past few weeks. I can’t imagine working with a better bunch of people.

And with that, you’ve just finished your last Friday Recap of 2006. Can you believe it? We’ll see you in 2007. Be safe.

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