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March 30, 2007

Friday Recap 03/30/2007

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First, I have to apologize for last week’s lackluster Recap. When I went home I realized that Matt McGee’s one Friday find trumped everything included in last week’s edition. But it’s not my fault; how do you beat a laughing baby? You don’t. It’s against the law to beat babies.

But I don’t feel bad about my blatant failure. There are far too many things making me smile today, such as:

  • Cliffs Notes on The Karate Kid
  • Stickers that show you how to abandon your baby (FYI, upside down in the dumpster = bad)
  • Tracy Morgan’s mating call
  • Proof and more proof that following directions precisely isn’t always smart.
  • And I fell in love this week. Head over heels in love. His name is Chaun and I think we’re going to be very happy together.

There’s also a giant chocolate Jesus to be excited about, especially if there’s peanut butter hidden in there. Hmm, giant savior-shaped Reese’s that rises on Easter. How delicious! I wonder if Jesus took away the calories like he did our sins. [Giant Chocolate Jesus sounds like a band name. I would buy that album – Susan]

This is the greatest, most disturbing game I have ever come across on the Internet and I absolutely love it. You have 5 minutes to kill yourself in an office setting. My heart is still racing from all the screaming and frantic keyboard mashing I just participated in.

Also disturbing, was Gray Hat News’ post on Making Elite Retreat Sticky. Personally, I think we should have been warned about the horrifying imagery represented in that last photo. There are things I should never have to see, and Aaron Wall’s tongue is one of them. Great, my goose bumps are back.

Disturbing in a different kind of way is this video depicting bike messengers in New York. I was white-knuckling my desk the entire time.

This week, Jason Calacanis proved that just because you prove him wrong doesn’t mean he will stop calling you a crackpot or purposely spelling your name wrong. Jason, "I" before "E", except after "C", and when you’re spelling the name "Neil".

Sad news for beach bums. First there were 990lb squids washing up on shore and now there are deadly translucent, thumbnail-sized jelly fish. What’s a girl to do?

Caution: Karl Ribas is now placing subliminal messages on his blog. Lucky for me I’m already subscribed. Ha, your evil tactics have no affect on me, Karl! Must go read his blog.

If you’re looking for more hidden messages, I’m pretty sure this was Phil Lenssen’s way of telling Susan I should be allowed to post cat pictures in the blog. Don’t you think? Who wants to meet Swat? Hands?

Microsoft finally answered Susan’s plea and announced that a pink Zune is on the way. ZOMG, she’s going to be, like, so, excited!

Google’s giving their employees free bikes. I want a bike!

Speaking of Google, I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one experiencing issues with Gmail earlier this week. I was locked out for an entire day. There were like, shakes and tics and uncontrollable body movements and stuff. Plus, I had to put up with all the mocking from Susan. I should get a bike for my troubles.

Loren Baker posted an in-depth look at the way Google is placing ads on MySpace. Or at least I think he did. I was too distracted staring at all the pictures to read it. Loren looks mighty adorable doing his Andy Hagans impression, and look, he’s friends with Rebecca Kelley (though I won’t hold that against him), and he has new comments, and he’s friends with a girl who has very little clothes on. Loren!

Barry Schwartz is all in a huff about New Jersey possibly banning text messaging while driving. I understand the frustration, but it makes sense; the foul odor of Jersey is distracting enough. I can’t imagine text messaging on top of it. I mean, just writing about Jersey made Barry itchy enough to blog about his showering habits later on in the week. It’s a sad, smelly place.

I’m not at all interested in the story, but the individual responsible for choosing this picture and writing its caption deserves a promotion. I’m just saying.

In honor of the upcoming SES NY (see my schedule here), here’s the Top 10 Beer Myths to watch out for. Study wisely, SEOs, you will be tested throughout the week and your ability to make it to sessions the next morning may depend on it. [Also, don’t forget to get your The Lisa shirt in time for New York!]

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week:

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One response to “Friday Recap 03/30/2007”

  1. Marek Wawrzyniak writes:

    Chocolate Jesus??? I agree with you Bruce, Jesus did indeed take away our sins. We will celebrate that this week. Happy Easter!

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