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January 25, 2008

Friday Recap: Shameless Self-Promotion Edition

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Hey you! Got any plans this weekend? Have no fear, I’m here to help. You should spend tomorrow voting for Bruce Clay in the SEMMYS and then Sunday you can go ahead and write up your site review for the Bruce Clay SEO Contest. Productive, right? Get to it!

Oh, and if you have some time left over, you may want to listen to Danny Sullivan and Jeremy Schoemaker battle it out on the Shoemoney show. Good times all around.

Robert Scoble offers some tips for what to do if you’re laid off in 2008 recession. Apparently one of those things is to sell out and start running ads because your new company says so. Way to stop alienating people, Robert.

North South Media asked What if SEO & Search Had Action Figures and does a stellar job of finding suitable plastic-versions of our favorite search faces. Perhaps I’m partial because she’s my BFF, but Tamar Weinberg’s is dead on.

From The Old outlined the different types of bloggers. I’m not sure where exactly I fit in. Hopefully it’s one of the good types.

Anyone know what was up with Barry Schwartz this week? He kept asking people to pownce on him. I’m not sure what that was about. I wonder what his wife would say?

Cats had a really good week. First, 10 month old Gracie made headlines by jumping into her owner’s suitcase, hitching a ride on a plane, and then going home with a stranger. Luckily she safely returned to her owner. Ah, reunited and it feels so good.

After Gracie, we got to meet Charley, a kitty with cerebellar hypoplasia and a really big heart. Don’t you just want to adopt him and snuggle with him forever?

My friend Taylor Pratt (go check out his blog, too) brought my attention to a guide for what to do when you’ve had a little too much fun juice. We’ve all been there, like say, at a search conference. As the article describes, it’s really all about getting home without embarrassing yourself or the person you work for. How much longer til SMX West?

CoolStuff offered up some advice on dos and don’ts with babies. In case you weren’t sure, picking up a baby by the head, throwing it in the dryer (or 10 feet in the air), and putting it either a drawer or a cage are all bad. Unless you’re Britney. Then perhaps putting it in a drawer is the preferable option.

Problogger takes some time to talk about dropping the F bomb on your blog. Hi Rae!

Gentlemen, listen up. Valentines Day is approaching. Please take note of the wonderful post: Valentines Day, My Ass and avoid getting your lady friend a blender. Or a vacuum. No one wants a vacuum on Valentines Day, even if it is a really, really good one. Got it?

Teddy bears pulled inside out and then sewn back together. I can’t tell you how much sadness that causes me. Why would anyone hurt a Care Bear like that?

Trying to drum up sales by scaring people and putting them in vulnerable positions is bad. Especially when that potential customer then goes and writes about it in a post called Smart Glass Denver Sucks. Heh, she must subscribe to the Michael Gray style of blogging.

Just one more reason not to eat pickles-now they come with mouse feet. Yummy.

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week

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3 responses to “Friday Recap: Shameless Self-Promotion Edition”

  1. Rae writes:

    LMAO… BMB… love your roundups :)

  2. pratt writes:

    What do girls want on Valentine’s Day?! A blender is so useful, I don’t see the problem ;)
    Thanks for the mention!

  3. Laura writes:

    Thanks for the link to do’s and don’ts with babies, I passes it around the office and it made the Friday go by a little quicker.

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