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April 16, 2010

Friday Recap: Caution! Alot of Nonsense Ahead

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It’s recap time again. Hold on to your white/gray/black hats and take a ride with me.

So first, I’ve gotta plug our Small Biz Discovery Contest because we’re giving away some fantastic prizes, including a pass to Search Engine Strategies San Francisco. To play, write an article that speaks to the community of small business owners, giving them one powerful tactic for SEO, PPC or SMM that would improve their online presence. Read all the deets in yesterday’s blog post.

You also may have noticed that this week Bruce Clay, Inc.’s newest writer made her debut on the blog. Jessica Lee reminded us of the marketing benefits of getting cozy with our communities offline. There’s nothing like that in-personal touch. (Yeah, I just made up that phrase. Nice, right?)

One way the meat space and online space are united is through the location-based social network Foursquare, and earlier this week the network saw the first person to check in at the North Pole. The first Last Degree badge was earned by a fifteen-year-old who used the mission to attract attention to environmental issues in the Arctic.

The environment threw a curve ball to travelers this week when Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano (say that five times fast) erupted. If you’d like to see the massive ash cloud, NASA’s satellite images have been added to Google Earth.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

In typical explosive fashion, Lisa Barone inspired a throng of marketers to use Google’s newly launched Search Story video maker. The simple-to-use tool produces a great product, and the impromptu gallery in the comments on Lisa’s post is full of ideas you can build on. Take the dare, and don’t forget to share!

I also had fun watching the completely adorable animation, David’s New Snail (the movie plays automatically, so be prepared). Quirky pets with shells — the perfect Friday treat! [Apparently snails are the new turtles. —Susan] Oo, I like where you’re going with this. But make no mistake. Turtles are irreplaceable.

Yeah, I have a problem, but I can admit it. As can the respondents of a survey that reveals the most dreaded SEM tasks. According to survey respondents, the least enjoyable duties of a search marketer are link building, followed by keyword research and bid management. Do your gripes match up? Check out what WordStream can do about it.

Some rumors/leaks suggest that both Google and Dell are trying to do something about Apple’s lead in table computer offerings by releasing their own devices. There’s speculation that Google’s tablet will run on the Android OS, and that the Dell tablet will come in both 7-inch and 10-inch versions.

Maybe when these tablets come out, they’ll actually reach international markets (love ya, Apple — well, my iPhone, anyway). Though, apparently Europe is besieged by imports, particularly the English language. It’s a fact that’s launched Bruce Clay Europe’s managing director on a mission to preserve the Italian language. Read about why Alessandro Agostini is fighting Itanglese in this month’s issue of MultiLingual.

Fellow language nerds will get a kick out of Hyperbole and a Half’s creative solution to English OCD. Have trouble forgiving lexical and grammatical atrocities online? Just picture a big, fuzzy, mythical creature and all is well. The Alot is like morphine for language purists.

And because I haven’t dorked out quite enough on language, the AP has changed its style guideline from “Web site” to “website,” getting a mixed reaction from the writers’ room. I think website has been a long time coming, though I can see the other side of the argument, too. What’s your preference? [Web site forever! —Susan]

Finally, congrats to Search Engine Journal’s Loren Baker and his wife Janna, who welcomed a little one to the world this week!

baby announcement

Happy weekend, everyone! Nussey, out!

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2 responses to “Friday Recap: Caution! Alot of Nonsense Ahead”

  1. Andy @ FirstFound writes:

    I far prefer website as one single word. It flows better and seems more natural.

    Then again, I’m a fan of compound words.

  2. Andy Kuiper - SEO writes:

    “website” – you are right, it is a bout time ;-)

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