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November 25, 2009

Friday Recap: Gravy-Flavored Edition

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Happy Thanksgiving! The whole office just came together for a serious cornucopia of a potluck lunch. If by the end of this post my eyes aren’t rolling to the back of my head as I succumb to a food coma, I’ll consider this an incredibly successful day. (Though my tummy already knows it is!)


So it’s recap time! With a short week comes a recap in a smaller serving size than usual. You should be saving room for that feast tomorrow, anyway, right?

Some people can’t seem to participate in social media very long before doing something that bites them in the behind — something that raises red flags with a boss or rocks the boat of a romantic relationship. But here’s a first. A member of one quasi-celeb’s entourage was arrested after not using Twitter.

When a crowd of teenage fans got too rowdy at the mall while waiting for singer Justin Bieber, police asked Bieber to calm them down with a tweet. Apparently he didn’t tweet soon enough, and police arrested the VP of Bieber’s record label. Don’t ask me — I’m just the messenger.

Marketers using Twitter may be interested to know that corporate accounts are set for release by the end of the year, according to co-founder Biz Stone. Paid accounts would come with extra layers of feedback and analytics. I hear they make for good insulation in the winter months.

Here’s another head scratcher. AOL is rebranding itself as Aol. That period there wasn’t just to end the sentence — it’s part of the name. PaidContent reports that what “the lowercase lettering suggests is a complete break with the notion of AOL as acronym and the period at the end is just that.” Deep. [In the rest of the world, we call those full stops. As in AOL needs serious therapy. Full Stop. –Susan]

TechCrunch outed a major media network for soliciting reciprocal links, making sure to pass the link request to Matt Cutts along the way. I’m all for sharing the link love, but be safe, kids.

You know Google Analytics, that little service that tracks the behavior of visitors coming to and navigating through your site? Well, it looks like Germany may ban Google Analytics because it violates national data protection laws. What? No one uses it anyway, right?

One speedy marketer caught a screen shot of user interface testing by Google featuring tabs with related search terms. Google’s always testing new results, but it’s somewhat rare to see them out in the wild. And after the initial find, the interface was never to be seen again!

Google Image Search has been a target of critics after flip-flopping over an offensive image of the First Lady. A few weeks ago someone reported that the first result of an image search for “Michelle Obama” was a photoshopped monkey. Then Google removed the image, citing webmaster guideline violations by the site. Now Google has returned the image to the results but has included a sponsored listing pointing to more information on their response to offensive search results. Don’t mind me — just feeling a bit dizzy over here.

But that’s nothing compared to the level of dizzy caused by Black Friday. When the zoo of humanity takes over the shopping malls like a swarm of locusts, you know I’m not around. Instead, I’ll be sitting at home finding all the deals online. Search Engine Journal has rounded up Black Friday ad sites worth your while. And Search Engine Land has tips on how sites can put on their Black Friday finest.

P.S. Earlier this week I shared some ideas for last minute, quick and easy Black Friday marketing pushes. It’s never too late for next year!

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

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