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July 22, 2011

Friday Recap: Leisure Diving is the New Owling is the New Planking Edition

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Happy Aloha Friday, no work ‘til Monday, as they say in the Islands.

We’re a diverse and multi-cultural bunch here at Bruce Clay, Inc, so in honor of our Spanish speaking amigos y amigas around el mundo, planking esta’ muerto. For those of you who speak the King’s English and are as obsessed with memes as we are, and haven’t heard, planking, which apparently Tom Green started in ’94, is dead!

In just a few short weeks, planking has become an artifact of a bygone era — relegated to the past tense like boy bands, scrunchies, and the Macarena, all of which have an existence that is way too embarrassing to acknowledge.

leisure diving

It is true that fads come and go, accelerated by the fact that, as shown by her Facebook profile, your aunt now planks, and so does Richard Simmons.

Then came owling to fill the void of pointless Internet Memedom, and luckily for us, it may be a short-lived craze. I’m here to declare that owling is now dead!

Leisure diving is the new owling! And if you don’t know what it is, clearly you don’t have access to a pool.

On to more serious and unrelated notes:

Google+ seems to be adding members and weathering growing pains at an exponential rate. It seems branding pages on the fledgling social network are on again-off again, which is frustrating for the likes of Ford, Sesame Street, Mashable, and Search Engine Land. [My girl Lisa Barone takes Google to task for making this mess. Though I beg to differ; there’s no such thing as too much Cashmore. —Virginia]

Also, if you have an iPhone or iPad, Google released G+ apps for iOS, just in case you needed more of a social media fix.

Enough G+ until next time…

In other egregious news around the Web, Netflix really made just about every one of their subscribers furious when they announced a 60 percent rate hike for their services, which, to my way of thinking would be justifiable if Netflix had more robust content offerings.

#DearNetflix was a trending topic on Twitter earlier in the week. The competition quickly took note. My personal favorite: “#DearNetflix, Thanks for the customers. Signed, Redbox.”

For those who are looking to jump ship, it’s rumored that Apple wants to buy Hulu. And why not, Steve Jobs can afford it. This is especially good if you have an Apple TV. On the bright side, at least Netflix is now supporting an Android mobile app.

One of my favorite Wednesday readings comes from the Huffington Post comedy section’s “7 Sites You Should be Wasting Your Time On Right Now.” This week featured an excellent time-waster entitled “Guess the Google”. 16 images are displayed and you have to guess the search term. It’s a bowl full of awesomeness.

Other miscellaneous news for the week included failing debt ceiling talks, it reached 121 degrees in Washington, DC today in an East coast heat wave that won’t end, and a horde of gay “barbarians” glitter-bombed a reparative therapy clinic.

I’ll close my Friday Recap with a personal anecdote:

Yesterday, the Space Shuttle Atlantis landed for the very last time, which is bittersweet, personally. My mom took me to see the space shuttle land at Edwards Air Force Base in the middle of the Mojave when I was in second grade. I will never forget standing in the cool desert wind as the sun rose with binoculars pressed to my eyes, watching the shuttle glide to the ground.

It’s moments like those that will stick with you the rest of your life. Now we get to piggy back on Soyuz rockets for a while until NASA finishes developing their next-gen behemoth. Haven’t seen it? Here’s a clue: it’s big!

On that note, we’ll leave you with a little afternoon Owling with BCI staff Virginia, Grace and Jessica:

Afternoon Owling with BCI

Buenas noches, everyone. And remember, it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

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2 responses to “Friday Recap: Leisure Diving is the New Owling is the New Planking Edition”

  1. Matthew Young writes:


    You’re very welcome. It’s always good to end the week with a little comic relief.

    Take care and thanks for reading.

  2. John Minter writes:

    Thanks for the hilarious read! I love when technology blogs switch it up and add in some info on humorous trends.

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