It’s Time to Rethink Your SEO Training

Light bulb floating in a thought bubble cloud.

Almost everything we know has changed in the past year or so, and SEO training is no exception. We know that better than anyone.

Prior to 2020, we had a thriving, world-class SEO classroom here in Southern California where students from all over the world would gather to learn SEO. We also conducted one-day SEO training courses at major marketing conferences all over the U.S.

Back in April 2020, I wondered if virtual SEO learning would be the future. And it seems that it is, at least for now. Many of the in-person events we know and love have gone digital over the past year — with much success — as businesses adapted to a new normal.

As we continue to head into uncharted territory, SEO training is evolving. Not only has it changed from an in-person venue to an online format, but also it’s evolving beyond that.

Now that people are getting used to online learning, they’re expecting more.

For example, one survey showed the majority of online students were dissatisfied with remote learning due to a lack of collaboration with other students.

For a true learning experience that can engage many different types of learning styles, you need more than just a package of online videos. You need to be able to engage in different ways with the instructor and your co-learners. And you need access to all types of content — the content you watch, the content you read and the content you create with others.

I’m pleased to say that is exactly what we have created with our new SEO training experience. We’ve completely reimagined the SEO classroom into a digital format and created a complete SEO learning experience for our students online.

I believe this new format is a great model for the future of online SEO learning, so let me tell you more …

The SEO Training Membership

Our revamped SEO training program is more than just static instructional videos.

Yes, my SEO course is still the primary feature, updated and reformatted for virtual learning.

But to enhance that learning experience, we’ve created a complete SEO training membership program. It includes online training, downloadable presentation slides, live Q&A sessions for members, e-books, FAQ videos, “Ask Us Anything” content, deep-dive mini courses, a discussion forum and access to our comprehensive SEO tools.

Online Training Videos

The complete SEO training course that we’ve offered in-person for many years (and we hope to again in the future) is now formatted for online learning.

Screenshot of the Bruce Clay SEO Training course at
Screenshot of the Bruce Clay SEO Training course at

Over more than 15 hours of instruction in 48 professionally produced videos with me, Bruce Clay, you get a world-class SEO education. Not only that, but you can learn at your own pace, and watch the videos again and again.

And, as we update the course, you get access to all the new content at any time during your membership.

Live Q&A Sessions

You should not be alone on your SEO journey.

A favorite part of my in-person classes has always been the freedom to ask questions during breaks. So when we designed our program, I wanted to build in opportunities to talk with me and other experts live and get your questions answered.

So members get to attend live, monthly Q&A sessions. You can meet directly with me and other qualified SEO training professionals here at the company to ask your burning questions.

Plus, members can access all the recorded Q&A sessions anytime.

Live Q&A session schedule at
Live Q&A session schedule at

Discussion Forum

Being able to collaborate with other students and share experiences in SEO is one of the things that made our SEO training classroom so great. So we wanted to make sure that was still available for our online students.

Our members-only discussion forum allows you to post questions, get answers, discuss topics and interact with other participants.

Downloadable Presentations

Some people like to have access to presentation slides to reference as needed or follow along and make notes during the training. With your membership, you have access to all the course materials.

Presentation slides available to download at
Download presentation slides at

FAQ Videos

Most people have questions about what they’ve just learned. So we created videos that discuss the most frequently asked questions about the material. These recorded conversations provide extra clarification after each of the 12 sections of the SEO training course.

“Ask Us Anything” Videos

Brief AUA videos answer more specific questions about SEO and get to the point in about three minutes (versus the Q&A live sessions, which are commonly one hour). See this one as an example:

E-Books and Guides

Additional downloadable resources give you an in-depth look at important and trending topics in SEO. And you get access to all of our e-books with your membership, including new and updated materials as they are added.

Mini Courses

In addition to our full online SEO training course, each members-only mini course takes a deep dive into a particular SEO topic, for example, SEO siloing.

SEO Tools

When you’re ready to dig in and start applying what you’ve learned, you’re going to need some good SEO tools to help. That’s why we include a free subscription to our SEOToolSetⓇ for up to three website projects. This set of advanced SEO tools lets you monitor rankings, detect crawling issues, optimize content, analyze competitors and much more. (And new tools are in the works as I write this, which members will automatically receive!)

Screenshot of SEOToolSet features at
Screenshot of SEOToolSet features at

As another bonus, you get access to our Bruce Clay SEO plugin — a big help for SEO content creators using WordPress.

Rethink Your SEO Training

As every industry continues to adapt to online venues, digital events are evolving. It’s time to get ahead of the curve in your own SEO journey and rethink your SEO training. Rather than watch a few videos, why not try a complete virtual learning experience?

Find out how to raise your SEO training to the next level at

Bruce Clay is founder and president of Bruce Clay Inc., a global digital marketing firm providing search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media marketing, SEO-friendly web architecture, and SEO tools and education. Connect with him on LinkedIn or through the website.

See Bruce's author page for links to connect on social media.

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Nice blog, i learn lot of SEO Techniques From your Blog.

I think without SEO whole digital marketing is just a empty world. you are really professional SEO Expert.

SEO is extremely important in today’s world and it’s changing with each update from Google. I am a brand manager at a hotel company and handling all their digital presence online. I know how many users come from our hotel from websites and SEO helps us to optimized our landing page according to the users what they really want.

It seems like an amazing seo course for beginners and this is just very true that seo and digital marketing are much likely to be the future of internet and professions! due to lockdowns and the current pandemic most people are coming to this field in order to earn so it will surely prove important to take this course for the upcoming future and even currently

Absolutely true! SEO is an ocean and one needs to keep exploring more and more in many ways possible. Nice blog, thank you for sharing.

This is very informative content and helpful for SEO executives and who rank their websites.

Wow, Bruce!!! This seems like an amazing course. Your course can transform a beginner into an expert in the SEO field.

All the services are under one roof. This is great for students like me. Now I can learn all the important things of SEO easily with Ask anything videos.

SEO best practices evolve over time. If you’re still using any of these outdated practices, it’s time for you to rethink your SEO approach.

I learn a lot of things from your blog. Thanks.

I am just learning SEO and this is a very good step-by-step list for all SEO beginners. Thanks for the guidance! This blog is very easy to understand.

I am just learning SEO and This is a very good step-by-step list for all SEO beginners. Thanks for the guidance!

Really this website is very useful for new SEO users thanks to Admin.

Looks good – I do hope you will still offer ‘live’ seminars from time to time – it’s nice to meet up with others face to face :-)

how many tools are there in search engine optimization? Give me the details. Thanks!

Robert Stefanski


There are many SEO tools available, probably too many to count. We recommend using our suite of powerful software tools for SEOs and content writers. Learn more about them here:



Thank you for sharing these informative tips. These really help to improve our local SEO. We need more blogs like this to develop our Digital Marketing skills. Keep posting such content.


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