Love, Relationships, and SEO

Even though it’s past Valentine’s Day, love is still in the air with “The Love Edition” of our SEO Newsletter. This month, we speak with author and consultant Rob Garner, formerly of iCrossing, on the search and social love connection. We also dive into the importance of having a marketing mindset to enhance your keyword research. And as always, we bring you news and hot topics from the tech and search industry so you can stay in the know.

Here are the highlights …

The “Search and Social” Love Connection

Virginia Nussey dives into the harmonious relationship that is search and social in this month’s feature story interview with Rob Garner (@RobGarner), extracting insight into questions like:

  1. What will businesses lose by keeping SEO and social media marketing separate?h
  2. For organizations that currently have separate search and social marketing departments, how can the merge be best transitioned?
  3. Are there missed opportunities for marketing and visibility where search and social meet?
  4. Do you have advice for integrating and leveraging search and social with other marketing channels?
  5. How can a business discover the right synergies to boost their current marketing efforts?
  6. It’s impossible to give one-size-fits-all advice on this issue, but what signs should a business look for when deciding which social channels to invest in?
  7. Is the search and social manager excellent at all areas or is a team with members for each specialty?
  8. What do you think the hybrid search-and-social professional looks like for the average small to mid-size business?
  9. Do you think all businesses today need to develop a brand personality to be successful?
  10. Can you explain more about social relevancy and how to calculate it and optimize for it?

Tune into this month’s feature on search and social for Rob Garner’s take on these questions.

Marketing and Keyword Research, Happily Ever After

Each marketer has a special relationship with his or her keyword research – what tools they use, how they select and target the keywords, and so on. In this article for February’s Back to Basics piece, yours truly dives into how to approach keyword research with a more traditional marketing mindset to enhance the outcome.

In this article on the connection between marketing and keyword research, we cover how to:

  • Have the right conversations about the business so you can expand on the keyword research.
  • Know where the business is headed and how it will affect your keywords and SEO campaigns.
  • Understand the organization and its offerings thoroughly so you know the proper usage of keywords and best course of action for content.

Your Love Affair with News

Don’t have time to keep up on everything that’s going on in the industry? That’s OK, each month we bring you hand-picked news from tech and search to keep you entertained and informed. Check out all the happenings in our news section embedded in the cover of the SEO Newsletter here.


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Jessica Lee is the founder and chief creative for bizbuzzcontent Inc., a marketing boutique that focuses on digital content strategy and professional writing services for businesses.

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Agreed that SMM is a powerful tool for improving your web visibility and customer reach and connection but not always essential for all types of businesses. It’s also crucial to understand your market and where they hang out before deciding which social media avenues to pursue.


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