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September 8, 2006

News Round Up

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Are you PDA-compliant?

Over in the Cre8asite forums, Bill Slawski reminds users to be aware of how their pages look when viewed via a PDA. As more and more users go mobile, this will become increasingly important. We’re happy to say, with images off, the BC site renders quite nicely.

We Name Thee Sitelinks

Google finally decided to name those subtopic links that have been appearing under the number one results for a while now. I even get their reasoning. They’re links to sections of your site, hence Sitelinks. This should make the guys at SEOmoz very happy. If you want more info, you can check out the Google Webmaster Central blog. Basically Google says Sitelinks (like everything else) are 100 percent automated and are intended to help searchers save time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so it’s not your fault when they don’t work. We get it. Sitelinks are actually very cool.

MSN Gets Ready to Fight YouTube

Nathan Weinberg gives us our daily dose of Microsoft news with his post MSN Readying Release of YouTube Competitor. He says:

LiveSide has the details on a Microsoft project called "Warhol", which is now in beta testing to be released as MSN Soapbox (link not live yet). Soapbox will allow users to upload videos up to 100 megabytes, tag and categorize videos, watch videos and browse videos at the same time, subscribe to video RSS feeds, and embed videos in your blog.

I question whether a company like Microsoft could ever release a YouTube competitor, not because of the functionality of YouTube, but because of what Microsoft is. Are YouTube fans and Microsoft fans really one and the same? My guess is no. YouTube is Google where Microsoft is… very unGoogle.

Nathan says Microsoft’s best bet for mainstream adoption is to bundle it with Windows Live Spaces. Ideally, yes, all of Microsoft’s media products should be bundled, but I’m still not convinced that will work. Spaces may have millions of users, but they’re the wrong users. They’re not the kind of users who will create buzz for Microsoft and help its fledgling product takeoff, though I wouldn’t mind be wrong on this one.

More Top Ten Lists

It’s a rare gem – a top ten lists that’s sole intention isn’t linkbait. ClickZ compiled a list of August’s top ten search terms by category. Some of the results surprised me. I would have thought the top IT and Internet search terms would have been “google” or “AOL” or something equally silly, but it turns out it’s “paypal”, with “” coming in second ( is sixth and “pay pal” is ninth). My favorite kinds of people are people who search for complete URLs. I think they should all get medals.

Must Reads

I’ll end this with two posts I think everyone should read:

“Why Smart People Do Dumb Things” (Like Not Backup Their Hard Disk?) — by Guy Kawasaki. I’m going to claim “narcissism” on this one, not because I’m self-absorbed, but because I’m always of the mindset that nothing bad will ever happen to me.

Blog Security – Tips on Keeping Your Blog from being Hacked – by ProBlogger’s Darren Rose — one of my personal favorite blog resource sites.

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