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March 12, 2007

Weekend Update: Dear SEOs

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Microsoft Expands Pilot Program, Users Must Opt-Out

Microsoft is expanding the pilot version of its contextual advertising program Microsoft Content Ads to include a bigger list of participants. Select advertisers in the US will start receiving email notifications of their account upgrades over the next week. The upgrade allows advertisers to run ads on popular Microsoft properties like MSN’s Health & Fitness, Travel and others, and will expose them to enhanced features like “hybrid” ad groups and the ability to create either content-only or search-only ad groups.

It’s worth noting that once upgraded, you will automatically be signed up to have your content distributed within Microsoft’s network. If you don’t want your content distributed, you must opt-out.

Industry Shocker: Tamar Weinberg, Lisa Barone no longer BFFs

Fine, fine, I’m kidding (sort of), Tamar and I can still be friends (maybe). However, it has been officially confirmed from all three corners that Tamar Weinberg is Barry Schwartz’s new sidekick. Tamar confirmed it in the comment section of our Friday Recap, Chris Winfield spilled the goods at, and Barry Schwartz chimed in over at Cartoon Barry, welcoming his new co-star (after mocking me earlier this morning, of course).

Congrats to both Tamar and Barry. I hope you’re both very happy to together. That sound? That’s my heart breaking.

[And my personal apologies to Barry who was nearly geeked to death after Susan began ranting about comics. You’ll have to forgive her. She doesn’t get out much and the mere mention of comic characters causes her to salivate like she’s the subject of some weird Pavlovian experiment. It’s one of the reasons we don’t take her out in public.] [It could have been much worse. Barry merely fell victim to one of the classic blunders: never go in against a fangirl when Robins are on the line.–Susan]

Young Joey: Are There Dinosaurs in Search Engine Land?

There are few better ways to start your Sunday morning (especially after you were just robbed of an hour of sleep!) then by stumbling across a hilarious blog entry, so a big thanks to David Temple who helped us all do just that. David “compiled” 9 Short Notes Kids Wrote To Their Favorite SEO and the results had me laughing all day.

“Joey” asked Danny Sullivan if there are dinosaurs at Search Engine Land, “Susie” congratulated Rand on his engagement to Bruce Clay’s daughter, we all feared for Chris Hooley’s safety after hearing “Timmy’s” dad was once eaten by a saber tooth tiger (oh, no!), and then Kim Krause mentioned something about dancing on a pole. That Kim is a rebel! If you haven’t read David’s post, you’re probably starting to look at me like I’m even crazier than you originally thought. Go check out his post. It’ll all make sense.

Fun Finds

In Rand’s post about duplicate content we learn lots about how Google detects duplicate content and that Rand has not grown out of his Transformers obsession.

Michael Arrington gives some very excellent career advice in Don’t Spend Half Your Work Day On Facebook and Then Brag About It. Word.

Caution: Reading may be linked to obesity. Damn those books. Skinny and illiterate is the way to be! [Works for Paris Hilton. –Susan] — Everyone look impressed. Susan just made a pop culture reference!

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5 responses to “Weekend Update: Dear SEOs”

  1. David Temple writes:

    Thanks for letting everyone know about the kids Lisa. They were really fun and some of them even left comments. I’m a little worried about Lisa though, she’s been looking for your address on the internet.

    I’m sure SEO Fangirl is getting a kick out of you calling them your collection of “search boys”. I’m sure she started collecting them before you. Now everyone’s collecting them. Sorry I won’t be there for the throwdown.

  2. Tamar Weinberg writes:

    Well, if it makes you feel better (and Googley eyes are warranted; Chris is an SEO hottie), Chris *will* be there too. :)

  3. Lisa writes:

    Tamar – I don’t appreciate you tampering with my collection of search boys. You did not see me making Googley eyes at Chris, did you? Nooo.

    Barry has no reason to watch his back in NY, but you? Oh yes, Tamar, you be on the lookout! ;)

  4. Tamar Weinberg writes:

    Lisa, you can’t have all the guys and you know it. We all have to share. Sharing is caring. That means we have to be friends again, but like Barry, I’ll be watching my back at SES NY too.

  5. Barry Schwartz writes:

    Next time I should learn not to blog any mockeries. I’ll be watching my back at SES NY. ;-)

    Thanks for the apology on Susan’s behalf – I was seriously blown away by that.

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