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July 7, 2008

Weekend Update: Yahoo & Yang

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Hey all, I hope you enjoyed your long weekend (if you had one). Mine was amazingly relaxful. In fact, it was so wonderful that it’s still the weekend in my head. Don’t tell Bruce, okay? [Relaxful? Were you having a hard time choosing a word that actually exists? –Susan] Not even you can disrupt my zen. Relaxful is bliss.

And thanks to Mike Grehan for making me crave Long Island beaches. Mmm, a tiny slice of heaven.

Is There Value in SEO Consulting?

Aaron Wall talks about SEO consulting and whether or not it has any value. Personally, I think it does. I know that we do a lot of consulting, both as part of large search engine optimization project and on its own. And the reason we do it is because our clients find value in it.

We do consulting for all of the reasons Aaron talks about in his post. We there to help people use our set of SEO Tools, to guide them as they try to put into action what they heard in SEO training, to continue advising after the contract ends, to work with our clients’ in-house search engine optimization team, etc. There are plenty of areas where consulting brings great value. I’ve heard from of a number of SEOs that they feel SEO consulting will eventually die away. I’m not so sure. Even as companies become more proactive about handling their SEO campaigns in-house, they’ll still need to bring in a consultant (aka a specialist) to get everyone on the same page, to train, to mentor, etc.

Your SEO consultant uses their experience and specialized knowledge to help you make informed decisions. The same way you consult an accountant during tax season, you’ll consult and SEO before making any major improvements to your Web site.
Microsoft Will Buy Yahoo, If Yang Leaves

Microsoft/Yahoo is so totally turning into that relationship you had in high school where you broke up every other day but always got back together because you knew in your heart that that person was meant to be yours and only yours forever and ever. Right?


This time around the merry-go-round, Microsoft wrote Carl Icahn a letter and said that if Yahoo fired Yang and got a whole new board they might reconsider and buy Yahoo. Yeah, if Susan bought me a house, a dog, a new car and brought me a cupcake every day for a year I might agree to tolerate her too. You do it first and I’ll make up my mind later, k? Thanks And what does Microsoft even have to “reconsider”? I remember correctly, they didn’t just reject Yahoo. Yahoo rejected them too.

This whole love triangle is just turning into a mess. Icahn needs to someone else to antagonize. Microsoft already made Yahoo an offer. They rejected it. In turn, Microsoft bought Powerset (not totally related, but it is a search engine). I’m bored of this. Face it kids, your wannabe parents are getting together.

Fun Finds

Todd Mintz has an interesting post about The Doug Heil Movement and talks about how Doug’s blog commenting is helping to build his brand.

A scary article from the New York Times says One Subpoena is all it Takes To Reveal Your Online Identity.

Chris Hooley announced the winners of the SEO Superlatives and guess who came out with Best SEO Blogger?

Oh yeah, that’d be me. All the other nominees must have withdrew their names or something. Pat Sexton took some offense by the chosen winners and called Chris Hooley a little girl. Boys will be boys.

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3 responses to “Weekend Update: Yahoo & Yang”

  1. Search Engine Optimization Journal writes:

    Those superlatives are hilarious and we especially like Pat Sexton’s blog post. Monkeys will be monkeys according to him! :)

  2. Todd Mintz writes:

    Thanks for the link Lisa…we all know that you heart Doug :.)

  3. pat writes:

    You said…
    “boys will be boys”
    but I think you meant…
    “gorgeous, spectacular men will be gorgeous, spectacular men”

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