Yoast SEO: Plug In the Gaps with Bruce Clay SEO WP

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If you’re like millions of other WordPress publishers, you’re either using or have at least heard of the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin has allowed publishers from all backgrounds to easily integrate basic SEO into their sites.

It is a favorite, clearly a market leader, and one that we recommend. If you are not using it, you are missing out on a great tool. And even though Yoast is a household name in the world of plugins, and our recommendation, many others have come onto the market. It’s not uncommon for website owners to select a handful of their favorite SEO plugins to accomplish everything they need to do on their site. So I am sure that it will be one of many plugins that you use.

We launched our own WordPress plugin last year to help plug the gaps left by other WordPress SEO plugins out there — including Yoast SEO.

But the good news for Yoast SEO fans: You don’t have to choose between our plugin and theirs. The Bruce Clay SEO plugin is fully compatible with Yoast SEO.

We add more power to WordPress by providing non-competing information. We simply give you more data.

Now I’ll show you exactly where our SEO plugin fills in the gaps, including:

Real-Time SEO Guidance

The biggest difference between Yoast SEO and the Bruce Clay SEO plugin is that our plugin is powered in real time. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools give advanced analysis right in WordPress.

Our robust SEOToolSet® is the force behind the plugin. And, this is complemented by Google Analytics and Search Console data.

What that means is that all recommendations are calculated, in real time, based on your specific competition in the search results and your website — not general recommendations.

Why is this necessary? It’s because each search query produces different search results and a new set of competition to analyze. We wanted to make sure that the SEO guidance was specific to the insights found when looking at the pages that are ranking right now.

This SaaS functionality impacts every feature of the plugin that I’ll highlight today.

Meta Information

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO’s snippet preview allows you to view what the page’s meta information (title plus description) might look like in the search results. It will serve a message if the meta info is too short or too long based on SEO best practices. It will then allow you to see what your meta description would look like in the search results within a preview tool.

Screenshot of Yoast SEO snippet editor.
Image source: How to Craft Great Page Titles for SEO, Yoast.com

Bruce Clay SEO WP

Our SEO plugin ensures your meta information is on par with the top-ranked pages for your keywords. After analyzing the search results in real-time, you get a recommended word count for your title and meta description.

Bruce Clay SEO gives meta information recommendations.

You can then switch back to Yoast SEO to view your proposed meta title and description in the snippet preview tool.

Note: For websites that don’t use Yoast, the Bruce Clay SEO plugin lets you edit meta information. But we keep those features tucked neatly away if Yoast is active, to avoid any conflicts.

Content Word Count

Yoast SEO

While Yoast SEO offers a great many ways to optimize content, one feature it’s lacking is the ability to properly target word count for your webpage.

Bruce Clay SEO WP

Our SEO plugin gives you the target word count for your article before you start writing based on the top-ranked pages in the search results. We use patent-pending technology to review top-ranked pages for your keyword phrase. This competitive analysis determines what characteristics the search engine is rewarding.

Bruce Clay SEO plugin gives target word count.

This lets you know, for example, if the top-ranked pages fall into the 2000-word range or the 800-word range. There’s no use creating a monster webpage in hopes of ranking if the top-ranked sites all have shorter webpages.

Content Readability


Yoast SEO can give you guidance on the readability of your content, and show you where you can improve it. This is based on Yoast SEO’s research and opinion of what makes text readable.

Yoast SEO readability information.
Image source: How to Use the Readability Analysis, Yoast.com

Bruce Clay SEO WP

Our WordPress SEO plugin adds to this the reading level of your content compared to your competition’s.

It computes the reading grade level to target based on the currently ranking pages in the search results for your keywords. This effectively tells you what readability level Google thinks is appropriate for the subject matter. This is useful because an author commonly writes to their own level, not that of their target personas. Now you can see if the grade level is too high as it is being written.

Bruce Clay SEO shows readability score.

You can then use Yoast’s readability analysis to pinpoint where you might be able to improve the readability, then recheck your score in our plugin. Or you could use the Hemingway App to get your content to the grade level it needs to be. In my opinion, the Hemingway App with our tool is always a starting point.

Performance Tracking


Yoast does not currently have content or mobile performance tracking within its plugin.

Bruce Clay SEO WP

Rich analytics powered by Google tools can be viewed right within our plugin.

A flagship feature of our plugin is the ability to track content performance — by post or by author. For the first time, writers can see the market response to their work, right in WordPress.

You can discover your top-performing content across the entire site by looking at things like:

  • Average ranking position
  • Impressions in the search results
  • Click-throughs from the results

Also, if you have multiple authors adding content on your site, it can be useful to see which author has the top-performing content based on things like:

  • Page views
  • Time on page
  • Bounce rate

This data is critical to content managers struggling to manage large writing teams. It can also offer some fun competition as writers compare their performance.

Bruce Clay SEO plugin shows content ranking data.

Another feature identifies any issues with the site’s mobile usability and performance.

Bruce Clay SEO mobile performance tab.

Compatibility with Yoast SEO: How It Works

By now you’re probably thinking of all the ways you can use Yoast SEO and Bruce Clay SEO WP plugins together. But you may be wondering how to actually do so.

When you install our plugin, it detects whether you also have an active Yoast SEO plugin. Then the Bruce Clay SEO interface automatically hides any overlapping features. That avoids conflicts and stepping on each other’s toes. (Did I mention I like their tool?)

Compatibility with Yoast is built in to the plugin.

That way you can continue to use features you know and love in Yoast while getting the added benefit of our features. And both are right within your WordPress page editor.

Bruce Clay SEO WP + Yoast SEO = Better SEO

It is obvious to everybody that you will not get every feature you want in a single WordPress SEO plugin. But the good news is that you don’t have to worry about that.

Using Yoast SEO and our plugin together gives you better SEO insights and more functionality.

Here’s where you can get your free trial to the Bruce Clay SEO WP plugin.

FAQ: What Makes Yoast and Bruce Clay SEO Plugins Stand Out Among WordPress SEO Tools?

Yoast SEO and Bruce Clay SEO plugins are exceptional WordPress plugins. Let’s unveil what makes these plugins stand out and why they are essential for optimizing your WordPress website.

Yoast SEO: Mastering On-Page SEO with Precision

Yoast SEO, a household name among WordPress users, is renowned for its precision in on-page SEO. Its snippet preview allows you to visualize how your meta information will appear in search results, ensuring your website’s title and description meet SEO best practices. What truly distinguishes Yoast is its real-time guidance, offering suggestions tailored to your specific competition and website. This dynamic approach ensures your SEO strategy is always aligned with current search trends.

Bruce Clay SEO: Bridging SEO Gaps with Cutting-Edge Tools

In the world of WordPress SEO, the Bruce Clay SEO plugin emerges as a formidable contender. What sets it apart is its ability to bridge the gaps left by other SEO plugins. With real-time analysis powered by Google Analytics and Search Console data, it delivers advanced insights right within WordPress. It calculates recommendations based on the latest search results, making your SEO efforts relevant and effective.

The Power of Synergy: Yoast and Bruce Clay Together

The beauty of these plugins is that they can coexist harmoniously in your WordPress arsenal. When using both Yoast and Bruce Clay SEO plugins, you get a holistic approach to SEO. Yoast’s expertise in on-page optimization complements Bruce Clay’s real-time data analysis. Together, they empower you to fine-tune your content, meta information, and overall SEO strategy with unparalleled precision.

Elevating Your WordPress SEO Game

The choice between Yoast and Bruce Clay SEO plugins isn’t about one being better than the other; it’s about synergy. These plugins complement each other, filling in the gaps to create a robust SEO strategy.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Uncover the Superiority of Yoast and Bruce Clay SEO Plugins in WordPress:

  1. Begin by understanding the importance of SEO plugins for WordPress.
  2. Research and identify the key players in the field, including Yoast and Bruce Clay.
  3. Explore the unique strengths and functionalities of Yoast SEO, focusing on its precision in on-page SEO and real-time guidance.
  4. Delve into the features of the Bruce Clay SEO plugin, emphasizing its real-time data analysis and its ability to bridge gaps in SEO.
  5. Understand the power of using both plugins together and how they complement each other.
  6. Recognize the synergy achieved by combining Yoast and Bruce Clay SEO plugins.
  7. Make an informed decision about incorporating these plugins into your WordPress website.
  8. Implement Yoast SEO for on-page optimization, utilizing its snippet preview and real-time guidance.
  9. Set up the Bruce Clay SEO plugin and explore its real-time data analysis capabilities.
  10. Assess the specific SEO needs of your website and how Yoast and Bruce Clay plugins can address them.
  11. Integrate both plugins seamlessly into your WordPress toolkit.
  12. Fine-tune your website’s content, meta information, and SEO strategy using the insights provided by these plugins.
  13. Monitor and track the impact of the plugins on your website’s SEO performance.
  14. Continuously adapt and optimize your SEO strategy based on real-time recommendations.
  15. Measure the improvements in your website’s SEO rankings and visibility.
  16. Share your success story with others in the WordPress community.
  17. Educate fellow website owners on the benefits of using Yoast and Bruce Clay SEO plugins together.
  18. Encourage others to embrace a holistic approach to SEO.
  19. Stay updated on the latest developments in SEO and plugin enhancements.
  20. Enjoy the rewards of a well-optimized WordPress website with improved search engine rankings and user engagement.

Bruce Clay is founder and president of Bruce Clay Inc., a global digital marketing firm providing search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media marketing, SEO-friendly web architecture, and SEO tools and education. Connect with him on LinkedIn or through the BruceClay.com website.

See Bruce's author page for links to connect on social media.

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Even I use the Yoast plugin for my blog. It helps a lot to optimize the content and improve the readability. But I never really heard about this target word count feature before. It is interesting that your bruce clay SEO plugin could suggest the ideal content length by analyzing the competitor’s web page for the keyword.

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