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Search Engines Complete for your Desktop

Keywords and Copywriting

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FEATURE: Search Engines Compete for Your Desktop
The final months of 2004 saw every major engine either releasing or announcing a desktop search. Google was first out of the gate, introducing a versatile desktop search beta that was integrated with their powerhouse web search. MSN and Ask Jeeves weren't far behind both releasing beta desktop searches while Yahoo! announced plans to release sometime in January. AOL also got in the game and announced they were teamed with Copernic to bring their own desktop search out soon. Most recently both Blinkx and Google have announced plans to release desktop searches for Macintosh.

BACK TO BASICS: Keywords and Copywriting

The first rule of the web is content is king. Relevant and expert content that answers a question and fulfills the customer's need is the ultimate goal. Search engines rely on well-placed keywords and unique content to determine the expertness and relevance. Customers look for lots of good information and natural sounding text. Always write to serve your customer's need and keyword-rich copy will follow naturally. Customers come first. The engines are getting better at recognizing natural speech anyway so writing for them is a useless exercise.

There is no magical formula for writing the perfect copy, neither is there a mystical number of words that your copy should be.

Hot Topics

Trademarks as Keywords
  • The judge rules on Google vs Geico. Trademarks in ad keywords judged not to create confusion. Geico is appealing.
Behold the Blogosphere
  • Many declare 2004 the Year of Blogs as blogging becomes more popular than ever. Blogging shot up 58% in popularity. However, most people still don't know what a blog is.
  • Merriam-Webster names 'blog' the word of the year based on user look-ups.


Cindy McCaffrey left Google. She is the first of the top execs to do so since Google launched its IPO.

iProspect was acquired by Aegis group.

Six Apart acquired Livejournal, giving the company another 5 million accounts and setting them up to challenge Google's Blogger service.


Search Engine Stategies in Chicago was a cold and blustery good time for us all. You can find the recaps in the Search Engine Watch forums. The most popular panel by far seems to have been the Black Hats vs the White Hats.

With SES Chicago over, it's time to forge onward to SES New York in February.


Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page were on 60 minutes.

Google is looking for chief exec for new charitable foundation. They stated their intention to create the foundation in their "owner's manual", the first part of IPO statement.

Word on the Wire

Is Google looking to hire an ad agency? Google denies the rumors and the Miami-based Crispin Porter won't comment but speculation persists.

MSN could be starting PPC campaign. They sent out emails recruitting for several positions related to "Microsoft's new Search Engine initiative being launched in the near future."

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