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SEOToolSet V5 Updates

1Q 2012 Feature Releases and Bug Fixes


  • Add Alternating Row Colors into the Ranking Report By Page Name.
  • Add text to show which search engines will be monitored when running a ranking monitor.
  • Fix bug in Ranking Monitor that would cause the scheduler to fail.
  • Fix bug in Ranking Monitor where certain keywords would have tabs ('\t') in them.


  • Make Google Logos uniform across the Application.
  • Order the columns By Country, then in the order of Google, Yahoo, Bing.
  • Add Print/Export buttons to the top of the Ranking Reports.
  • Add Phone Number to the Sign Up Receipt and Confirmation.
  • Add Kincaid Reading Levels to the Multi Page Analyzer.
  • Update Copyrights on the entire site.
  • Automatically Switch to the language of the User's Browser if the User has not chosen a language in their Profile and the language is supported.
  • Fix UTF8 Character Display in Single Page and Multi Page Analyzers.


  • Add a Competitive Score for Keywords in the Keywords Report.
  • Add the Sliding Source View to the Linear Charts in the Single Page Analyzer.
  • Increase the speed of getting monitor data in the ranking reports for large keyword lists.
  • Add Editable Stop Words List to the Project for use in Page Analyzers.
  • Add a "Getting Started" Overlay to display automatically when users log in for the first time.
  • Fix bug in Keywords report for displaying the report when no monitors had been run yet.
  • Add in-app user notification of account and billing issues.
  • Fix "Duplicate Header" issue when exporting reports in Google Chrome/WebKit.
  • Add Page Information tool to web_rank.htm and other "Free tools" pages.
  • Switch to new Google API for special queries about pages and sites.


  • Fix Italian Translations across entire Application.
  • Fix bug in billing issue notification.
  • Add Competitive Ranking Report.
  • Fix Ranking Report for very large numbers inside the data.
  • Add Support for the Netherlands to the Ranking Monitor.
  • Fix the Site Checker to follow redirects for the robots.txt file.
  • Fix the Site Checker to use the same Spider as the Single Page Analyzer.
  • Fix the Spider to continue and report additional HTTP Errors.
  • Fix Ranking Monitor API calls for Google India.
  • Fix "%" Encoding in URL Strings and Keywords in Ranking Monitor.
  • Add additional "API Health Checks" to help make sure the API's are returning the correct results.