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Quality Content Delivers Stellar Performance
Author: Kristi Kellogg

In this month's SEO Newsletter, we're giving the stars of Internet marketing a moment in the spotlight. Quality content that engages users and drives traffic has proven itself to be a shining  Internet marketing star this year, with reports citing content creation as a major priority and hailing blogging as a powerful tool for conversion. In this month's feature, focus in on:

  • The characteristics of quality content.
  • What to consider when creating quality content, especially when blogging.
  • How to best use content to establish your brand voice.

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  Back to Basics
What Are Keywords, and Why Do They Matter?
Author: Chelsea Adams

Keywords play a starring role in SEO and Internet marketing; here they get their close-up. Sometimes knowing why you’re doing something can make all the difference so we discuss what keywords are, what they are not, and why Internet marketing optimization specialists spend so much time thinking about keywords. Topics covered in more depth include:

  • What keywords tell you about your target audience's demographic, personality, interests and needs.
  • Using long-tail keywords to attract qualified leads.
  • Guidelines to identify keywords that align with searchers' queries.

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  Hot Topic
Google I/O Developers Conference: Four Updates Optimizers Should Care About

Last week thousands of developers met in downtown San Francisco for the 2013 Google I/O developer conference. The thee-day gathering ran from May 15-17 and included technical talks, code labs, a developer sandbox, and of course, a three-hour long keynote.

The keynote announced a "Google edition" of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, plus updates to YouTube, Google Now, Google Play, Android, Google+, Chrome, search, and maps.

Here (in 105 words or less) are reports on four updates that optimizers should care about:

Desktop Search

A new conversational search feature has been added to Chrome. This feature allows Chrome users to speak search queries on desktop computers. The new feature includes a “hotwording” system that allows a search to be activated hands-free with the command “OK Google” (similar to the “OK Glass” activation for Google Glass), or there is a microphone button in the Chrome search bar that can be pressed to reveal a “Speak now” command.

Knowledge Graph Updates

The updated Knowledge Graph is wired to answer your questions before you ask. This means inferring and returning information that is both directly and tangentially related to your query.

Four new languages were added (Polish, Turkish, and two forms of Chinese) raising the total language count from 9 to 13.

Android Location APIs

Google introduced two new location APIs. The Fuse Location Provider is able to determine a user’s location faster, more accurately, and with less battery power than existing APIs. The addition of Geofencing — basically a proverbial “fence” that designates a geographical area — allows an app to more quickly understand when you enter into a new location.

Google Maps Updates

Google Maps has been completely reimagined. In the new desktop interface (currently available as a public preview) the map takes up the entire browser space and Google Now-esque cards offer information integrated into the map view.

New features and functionality include: The addition of an airplane travel option that pulls flight information directly into the map experience from the Knowledge Graph; integrated reviews from Zagat that add the ability to rate businesses directly from Google Maps mobile; and an extremely personalized map experience that, courtesy of the Knowledge Graph and Google+, highlights places you and your friends have visited as well as suggested landmarks.

  Education Matters
SEMPO Mission Supports Education, Reputation and Awareness

The search marketing industry trade group SEMPO launched a blog in March. Since then, SEMPO board members and local chapter leadership have used it to share opportunities for education and to support a greater mission to promote mainstream understanding of the industry's professional contributions.

In his debut to the blog, board member and CEO of the Internet marketing agency Portent Inc., Ian Lurie, reiterates the mission of SEMPO. Why Are We Here makes the seemingly simple but necessary argument for the importance of evangelizing SEO — supporting our colleagues, community and our own self interests as marketing professionals seeking to push through initiatives and receive recognition for our contributions.

As SEMPO approaches its tenth anniversary its commitment to the future of the Internet marketing industry is apparent in the organization's objectives for the coming months, including:

  • Greater transparency and communication among the community, a goal of the SEMPO blog
  • Education opportunities, including events hosted by local chapters each quarter for members and, for a fee, non-members
  • Awareness, a challenging long-term goal to continually raise the profile and reputation of SEO, online advertising and social media marketing

SEMPO supports the interests of the search marketing industry. We invite you to join the organization (annual $125 membership dues) and gain the benefits of membership, including a free seat with your name on it at your local chapter's quarterly events, webinars, online hangouts from our industry's PR and marketing leaders, and even a $200 discount at our SEO training course in Simi Valley, CA.


On Monday, Yahoo! confirmed that it will be acquiring Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Tumblr will still function as an independent company under the direction of its 26-year-old founder and CEO David Karp. Yahoo! president and CEO Marissa Mayer promised “we will not screw this up.”

Square hired former Google executive Francoise Brougher as its new business lead. Brougher was with Google for eight years.

After one year serving as Yahoo!’s chairman, Fred Amoroso has announced he will step down in June.

Say goodbye to Google Affiliate Network; last month Google announced the “difficult decision to retire Google Affiliate Network and focus on other products that are driving great results for clients.”


Reel SEO Video Marketing Summit and Liveclicker Video Commerce Summit take place at the same San Francisco venue July 25-26, allowing attendees to switch between sessions for double the programming and networking.

EmMeCon from the Wappow! conference series focuses on marketing through emerging technologies. The conference takes place in Seattle, WA, June 3-6.

Seattle also hosts SMX Advanced June 11-12, regarded as the Internet marketing industry's most tactical deep-dive education event. Limited seats remain for the one-day SEO Workshop for advanced SEOs Bruce presents on June 13.

SES Toronto happens June 12-14 along with ClickZ Academy at the Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre.

SEOmoz's MozCon takes place July 8-10 at the Washington State Convention Center.

HubSpot's INBOUND 2013, featuring keynote speaker Seth Godin, takes place in Boston, MA, August 19-22.


The Google Data Highlighter tool, which allows webmasters to "highlight certain information for Google's crawl," debuted in December and supported event data. Now, Google has expanded the highlighter to work with articles, local businesses, movies, products and more.

A number of Apple patents suggest some exciting technological advances in the future, including ”uncrackable” screens and fingerprint unlocking.

April 30, 1993 saw the creation of the very first web page, which has now been restored in honor of the Web’s 20 year anniversary.

  Word on the Wire

Facebook is encouraging the use of sections among app developers. Last week Facebook issued a list of “best practices for creating customized sections and added section timeline analytics to their App Insight tool.”

This month, YouTube debuted 53 paid subscription channels. Subscriptions cost 99 cents per month and feature a two-week free trial.

Last month, Bruce predicted that Penguin 2.0 would drop in early June. Penguin 2.0 and its boosted spam-fighting technology were confirmed live this week.

This month, Mozilla and Sprint earned (all be it slight) penalties for spam, courtesy of Google.

Bing relaunched the Bing Business Portal. It can now be found under Bing Places for Business. With the relaunch came the removal of several features.

Google is tweaking its authorship snippets. Search Engine Roundtable noticed the disappearance of the link that led to “More by (author).”

LinkedIn revamped its Contacts section to pull existing contacts from Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, iPhones and more.

Google released a transparency report that revealed government attempts to censor Google content have doubled since 2012, with Brazil presenting the most requests for censorship and the U.S. coming in second.