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Do 301 Redirects Result in PageRank Decay?
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Do 301 Redirects Result in PageRank Decay?

Author: Bruce Clay

The 301 permanent redirect has always been the preferred option of redirecting users and search engines from old pages to new. However, some doubt has been cast on the use of 301 redirects ever since Matt Cutts, the head of Google's Web spam team, said that "some loss" of PageRank decay occurs with a 301 redirect.

Our testing indicates that PageRank certainly transfers through a 301 redirect, so any decay that occurs must be a very small fraction that is barely detectable. What tiny amount of PageRank that is lost is less than the PageRank loss sustained if the old page is not redirected at all. 301 redirect PageRank decay is less than the potential revenue loss of a user hitting a 404 error, and it is still much smarter to 301 redirect a page than to split PageRank between several domains and pages when not using a redirect. By any measure, a 301 redirect is still the ideal way to replace an old URL with a new one.

Tackle SEO Web Content Writing with Ease

Author: Jessica Lee

Whether you're an experienced SEO Web content writer or a business owner writing copy for your own Web site, tackling SEO content projects can, at times, be overwhelming. Lay the foundation for an efficient writing process by practicing two things:

1) Create a questionnaire that identifies the most important aspects of the product, service or company upfront. This will help you connect with the appropriate audience and position the brand in the best light possible.

2) Gather information and create copy in a way that's manageable and anticipates challenges. If you're not the expert on the topic, get to know how your interviewees work so you can be efficient in obtaining the info you need.

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  Hot Topics

The SEO community saw it coming, and still it was big news when Google announced that site speed was a new ranking signal in the search engine's ranking algorithms in the U.S. The case for why sites should optimize their pages for speed and performance was a strong one even before Google's announcement, but now that rankings are at stake, speed should not be overlooked by SEOs and developers.

There are a number of tools available that SEOs and developers can use to improve the speed and performance of a site. See last month's article on why site speed is important and how SEOs can optimize for it for more complete descriptions of the following tools:

Google's unofficial SEO ambassador Matt Cutts has reached out to SEOs to put the new ranking factor in perspective. On his blog, he explains that site speed is now one of more than 200 signals used in the algorithm, and that factors like relevance, topicality, reputation and added value are all more heavily weighted in the algorithm than site speed. He also urges SEOs not to panic as less than one percent of search queries will be affected by this change to the algorithm.


The growth of search volume in the U.S. may be reaching a plateau, according to the latest findings by comScore. Search volume grew 7.6 percent in March, down from 10.4 percent growth in February and 33.1 percent growth a year ago.

A study has found that the Internet has surpassed television as the "most essential" medium for the first time. The results of a survey showed that slightly more people would rather give up TV than would give up the Internet, if given a choice between the two. Also, simultaneous Internet and TV viewing was reported by 59 percent of those surveyed, up 2.7 percent year over year.

Twitter has acquired the company behind the Tweetie iPhone and Mac app, Atebits. The move comes as Twitter investors urge the company to develop comprehensive Twitter apps.

Digg CEO Jay Adelson resigned this week after five years in the position. Adelson is now asking friends and Twitter followers for ideas of what to do next — crowd sourcing his future, if you will.

Apple's iPad touch screen tablet computing device went on sale in the U.S. this month, selling enough units that the company announced a postponement of international sales in order to keep up with domestic demand.

Apple also announced a mobile advertising system, iAd, seeking to tap into the growing market of Internet users on mobile devices. The move is just the latest head-to-head matchup between Apple and Google.

Microsoft launched two smart phones with the Windows Phone 7 operating system, Kin One and Kin Two. The devices feature a high level of integration with social networks and unlimited cloud storage. They're expected to be available through the Verizon Wireless network in May.

Rival wireless network T-Mobile will be replacing CMO Denny Marie Post following her resignation from the company.

Yahoo! lost their CTO and EVP products Ari Balogh and their director of technical marketing Laura Lippay this month. Yahoo! also acquired Citizen Sports, a sports-focused social and mobile application development firm.

AOL is looking to unload or kill social site Bebo, as the network has steadily lost its audience since AOL acquired it for $850 million in May 2008.

Expanding its mobile publication offerings, Web site publisher MFE Interactive has acquired the Android-focused blog GoogleAndBlog.

Twitter got a boost this month in the areas of archives, searchability and revenue. The U.S. Library of Congress announced it plans to preserve all public tweets since the service was first launched. Google has introduced a way to dive deeper into Twitter results, viewing a timeline and tweet volume by topic. And Twitter will begin monetizing its service through Promoted Tweets served in Twitter search results pages.

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Facebook has created a new Safety Center to help educate users about security on the social networking site. Sections are dedicated to safety tips for educators, parents, teens and law enforcement professionals.

Digg has decided to discontinue the DiggBar iFrame toolbar when the new version of Digg launches, citing that the tool is bad for users' Internet experience. Digg also explained that previously banned sites will no longer be banned when the new service launches.

Review site Yelp has implemented two changes to address the complaints of small business owners. Advertisers on the site will no longer be able to post a favorite review at the top of their page. Site users will also be allowed to see reviews that have been filtered from the front page by Yelp.

The newly released Yahoo! Updates Firehose will give developers access to the real-time index of Yahoo!-aggregated social updates from across the Web.

Using Google Earth satellite imagery, scientists mapped caves in a region known for its rich fossil deposits. A new hominid species, dating between 1.78 and 1.95 million years ago, was discovered in one of these newly mapped fossil sites.

Webmaster Tools users will see more data and charts in the Top Search Queries feature. Along with a page's average query position in search results, users can also see the number of impressions and the number of click-throughs.

  Word on the Wire

The Opera Mini mobile Web browser is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Apple's approval of the browser app came as a surprise to some, as the company has often rejected apps that share functionality with the mobile devices' built-in apps.

Google Docs is introducing new document and spreadsheet features and faster responsiveness and collaboration, among other updates. Google will be hosting a live webinar to walk through features on April 20.

Following last month's alleged cyberattacks on Google from China, Google is now accusing Vietnam of further cyberattacks. Vietnam has denied any involvement in the rash of attacks.

Yahoo! is going to print with an Internet stylebook. The book, titled "The Yahoo! Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, And Creating Content For The Digital World," will be available in June.

There are rumors that Yahoo! is considering buying the location-based social network Foursquare for $100 million. Foursquare may also be in acquisition talks with Apple, Facebook and Twitter.

In an ever-escalating technology battle, Adobe platform evangelist Lee Brimelow told Apple to "Go screw yourself" in a post on his personal blog. The comment was a response to Apple changing the licensing terms of its software development kit in a way that would prohibit Apple device developers from using cross-platform compilers, such as Adobe's.

Net neutrality was struck a blow when a federal appeals court ruled that under current law, federal regulators could not stop Internet service companies from blocking or slowing specific sites, throttling content to users.

Details of a national broadband plan have been unveiled, which the FCC hopes will make high-speed Internet available to more Americans.


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