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May 2005 - Page 2 of 3 - Bruce Clay, Inc. Blog

May 19, 2005

It’s mine. They told me so!

My Google is being released today. Though, as Danny says, some might scream portal, really My Google resembles My Yahoo or My Jeeves as an aggregation of Google services into one place. If you have a Google account (Gmail, Groups or Answers logins will suffice), you can sign up for the page. Danny linked to […]

May 18, 2005

Google Adsense for RSS feeds

If you have an RSS feed on your blogs (and you should), Google’s AdSense would like to live at the bottom of your posts. Continuing their quest to monetize anything that doesn’t have an ad on it already (and if it can be pried up with a crowbar it is not nailed down), Google has […]

May 17, 2005

Republished Content vs. Unique

The question of content is one hotly debated in many forums. While some maintain that there is no better way to increase your rankings, others shun it in favor of aggressive link building. Because the balance lies somewhere between the two, it’s impossible to ignore the value that properly search engine optimized content will have. […]

Supreme Court rules on wine selling. So what?

The US Supreme Court struck down a law that barred wine from selling on the internet and shipping across state lines in New York and Michigan. Why am I mentioning this in an SEO related blog? Because if you were a winery or a reseller, that’s exactly the kind of thing that you’re going to […]

May 16, 2005

Google Be Gone

It seems like it’s a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face but at least one webmaster has had enough of Google. Dr. Karl-Friedich Lenz decided that the Web Accelerator was the last straw. In a short blog post, he cites his opposition to “enemies of freedom” who are “gaining influence and […]

MSN Toolbar and Desktop launches

After five months in beta, MSN has released their toolbar with desktop search. Only for Windows based IE 5.1 or higher, the toolbar is MSN’s response to the Google Toolbar and desktop search. Learning from user feedback, the toolbar and desktop search have incorporated a greater degree of control as well as promising an option […]

May 13, 2005

Robert Scoble, SEO? No.

Robert Scoble’s blog today was a fun little ride through the misunderstand of SEO. I appreciate that Scoble is the man for Microsoft and I’m not denying that he’s got serious chops in the blogging department. But he needs to keep his hands out of SEO because he sounds silly when he doesn’t know what […]

Interesting Thread

The Crea8asite Forums and Kim’s blog, Usability, SEO and Web Design, are two of my favorite resources for getting a broader view of website design, blending as they do SEO and usability. The blog post Search Engine Optimization Wins Over User Centered Design and the thread It’s the SEO that counts, not user centered design […]

Yahoo vs. FindWhat ends in mistrial

The lawsuit between Yahoo (as Overture) and FindWhat regarding questions of patent infringement ended in a mistrial this week when the jury was unable to decide on all counts. Yahoo chose to regard it as a victory, claiming that the undecided elements were not the most important ones. It wasn’t a very good week for […]

Toolbar release keeps controversial feature

This week Google released their Google Toolbar 3 from beta. Included in the release is an updated version of the controversial Auto Link feature. In response to some but not all of the complaints levied against the feature, the updates include a different look for the inserted links and an option to select from several […]

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