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April 23, 2010

SMX Sydney|Keynote – The State Of The Search Union|Keynote Panel

Good Morning Everybody, there are a couple of bloodshot eyes and weary heads here at SMX Sydney, for once I am not one of them, yay. And now a stupid joke to wake everyone up: A vulture gets on a transatlantic flight with a dead animal in each claw. The flight attendant stops him, and […]

April 22, 2010

The LONG-TABLE – SEM Tactics that work SMX Sydney

How to rank well for local? Get links with your city name in them to link to you. Make sure your listing across multiple databases are correct, i.e. yellow pages, yelp etc. Have a different page for each different location. Also use abbreviations for your organisation. Same for mobile search, trigger for universal on mobile […]

Q&A Advanced SEO Session 3

Google is showing local results without any geo qualifiers, so even if you want to rank nationally, you should register a local business centre. How can I rank for L.A fires in universal search ? Google is maybe triggering that universal result incorrectly. 20% of people click on the pages from Australia option within Google […]

SMX Sydney- When Google Guidelines and screen reader accessibility collide

This session is given by Chris Dimmock and maybe Greg Grothaus because he is standing up there. There has been a bit of a shuffle here today. How does google know when you are being spammy in terms of accessibility? Web accessibility is making the web available for people with disabilities. Chris gives us some […]

SMX Sydney | Universal Search | Des O'Dell

Here he is, the captain of charisma, the doctor of details, the master of magnificence and the giver of raises ( hint hint ), Bruce Clay Australia’s very own Des O’Dell, speaking on Universal Search. If you are not doing something for Universal search, you should be, there are still massive opportunities and threats in […]

Advanced SEO Track Q&A|SMX Sydney

Does a penalty stay in place until the offending act is removed or until a re-inclusion request? It depends, sometimes you need to file a request and sometimes it just happens by algorithm. Can your I.P deliver by country for specific words? Yes, that’s fine. How can you remove past events? You would need to […]

SMX Sydney | Avoiding Search Engine Penalties | Greg Grothaus-Google

EDITOR’S NOTE: See our online SEO Tutorial for current information on avoiding Google penalties as well as step-by-step instructions and free tools for search engine optimization. I managed to have a chat to Greg last year on the boat ride, he’s great, awesome to see him back again. Let’s hear what he has to say […]

SMX Sydney | Diagnosing Technical SEO Issues | SEOmoz

Danny’s checklist for diagnosing technical issues Prepare your browser- make sure your browser ‘see’s things like a S.E bot Disable Cookies Change user agent to Googlebot Read the title tag and figure out how it could be improved See if the URL changed i.e. see if any redirects are being used Check if the URL […]

Q&A-Level 3 Advanced SEO Track

“Tie in paid placement with blogs and future press releases, get good contextual links”, Greg. Getting around no-follow aka link condom :). Link builders should still take no follow links, cant ignore no follow links. Having them show up may be part of a natural link profile. Offer cash to make no follows go away. […]

SMX Sydney | Designing a Bullet Proof Link Building Campaign| Greg Boser

The biggest thing is strategy development, strategy is your plan for building links. Before you start, analyse the space you are working in and develop a link profile built on the averages of the data collected. Replicate both the quality and quantity of the average profile. This will keep you within the norm and prevent […]

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