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June 17, 2005

Google for Mobile Screens

In this week’s news, Google has introduced a search engine that is designed for mobile web users. The basic idea is that the web pages are designed for smaller screens and therefore, are easier to use if you are accessing them from a cell phone etc. This Google Jr. search engine directs users to a […]

June 16, 2005

Yahoo Search Marketing Preferred over Google Adwords

According to Search Engine Journal, the Washington Post has retired Google Adwords in favor of Yahoo Search Marketing. This was reported by Standard & Poor’s Equity Research Division. Other changes which will go into effect include Yahoo’s toolbar appearing on Washington Post’s website. Standard & Poor were quoted as saying that they didn’t think this […]

June 15, 2005

Linkbuilding: Is building links quickly a detriment?

There is an interesting poll in Search Engine Watch today which asks the question: how many links can you get in one day and still be in the clear with the search engines? The responses were varied, but the overarching answer was that it didn’t matter how many you get a day. Some people said […]

Google: Companies it has purchased in the past; who will it purchase next??

According to Kuro5hin, Google is on the verge of buying more companies. The author, Andrevan, postulates on which companies might be next in the Google shopping spree. In the past, Google has tended to buy small Internet companies in niche markets. Some of them included an advertising company, shopping portal company, search startup company, a […]

June 14, 2005

Yahoo News Beats Google News in Michael Jackson Case

It seems that the Michael Jackson “not guilty” verdict is rampant and inescapable and my blog entry today continues in that vein. In an article by Gary Price of Search Engine Watch, Gary discusses the fact that Yahoo news beat Google news in revealing the outcome of the Jackson case. Yahoo introduced the story at […]

June 13, 2005

Yahoo VS. Google

Search Engine Guide had an interesting article today about the differences between Yahoo’s Search Marketing, formally Overture, and Google’s Adwords. According to the study, both Yahoo and Google had advantages and disadvantages over one another. The categories which were considered included: “Bidding”, “Low CT Rate Dropping”, “Showing Ads by Country and Language”, “Reports”, “Keyword Comparison”, […]

MSN Introduces Tabbed Browsing

According to Denise Ho of MSN’s Search’s Weblog, MSN has introduced tabs in their toolbars. There have been mixed reviews on the tabs although Denise regards them highly (could she be impacted by the fact that she works for MSN??). Adam Stiles , one voice of the opposition, notes that the tabs not only waste […]

June 8, 2005

Google: Most successful media company?

According to John Battelle, Google is now the most successful media company, valued at $80 billion dollars and surpassing Time Warner stock. Nathan Weinberg, of Inside Google, asks whether Google should be considered a media company. Some would consider it a technology company. We mentioned this in our April newsletter, citing Search Engine Journal which […]

June 7, 2005

Falling Keyword Prices

According to Marketing Vox, the average cost for a keyword dropped 15% in May, from $1.95 to $1.66. In previous months (March-April), keywords saw a rise of 11%. The reason for the decline in cost, is due primarily to the dip in price for mortgage-affiliated keywords. Mortgage keywords were up 20% in April but in […]

AOL introduces free Email

This morning Marketing Vox announced that AOL has finally done away with their paid-member email services and they have introduced free web-based email. In doing so, they are hoping to compete with Google, Yahoo and MSN, all of which offer free email. AOL is offering 2 gigabytes storage with each email account in addition to […]

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