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February 23, 2007

A Lazy Girl’s Round Up

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I was out of the office for the majority of this week so I wasn’t able to keep you (or myself) abreast of all the crazy search happenings. With that in mind, here are the headlines I hope you had time to read this week, and if not, come get educated.

  • FeedBurner released a great report yesterday tallying up the market share of some of the leading RSS readers and measuring user engagement. What was really interesting is that FeedBurner went beyond simple subscriber numbers and determined engagement based on the number of times specific feeds are loaded and clicked through.

    There were lots of pretty charts and graphics but their overall finding was that Google Reader is quickly dethroning all other RSS readers and keeping users wholeheartedly engaged. That’s consistent with what we’ve been hearing in the blogosphere as well. I’ve being resistant to switching over from Bloglines to GR for so long. Should I make the change?

  • MarketingVox reported an online advertising boom going on in Australia right now, with revenues surpassing $1 billion last year. That’s an impressive 62 percent jump since 2005. Paid search revenues led the way, seeing more than a 100 percent increase year over year. Have you adopted your Digital marketing strategy for your audience down under yet? With Australian pay per click gaining attention and the new emphasis on Australian local search, now’s the time to target your Aussie demographic.
  • ShoeMoney had an amusing blog earlier this week exposing a new security hole in MyBlogLog that lets users search the Web as their favorite blogger. I read it and laughed, but MyBlogLog read it and banned him. MBL founder Eric Marcoullier says they didn’t ban him for exposing a flaw within MBL, but for "publishing other people’s data on the site and urging readers to spoof them." I have no reason to doubt Eric, but MBL is now faced with an enormous PR problem with influential figures like Andy Beal and Michael Gray boycotting the site until Jeremy’s account is reactivated.

    So what’s MBL to do? Utilize the MBL blog to concisely explain what happened, reach out to Jeremy, and keep the blogosphere friendly. You may been right to ban an account that was revealing data, but you don’t want to alienate your target audience. Jeremy’s not a threat to MyBlogLog.

  • SEO Tutorials posted a 5 part video of Matt Cutts’ keynote speech at Search Engine Strategies London. Have I mentioned how jealous I am of everyone that got to (a) be in London and (b) attend Matt’s keynote in person? Because I am. Very much so. However, Marie did a great job acting as Bruce Clay’s UK correspondent so I hope everyone enjoyed her recaps!
  • Gord Hotchkiss was able to keep Marissa Mayer in one place long enough to question her about Google’s plans for personalized search. He provides a detailed recap of the interview over at Search Engine Land, and readers can view the full transcript over at Gord’s personal blog. It’s most certainly a worthwhile read, if only because we get Google’s take on this whole personalization thing.
  • The New York Times had an interesting article on Wednesday about why people Flame First, Think Later on the Internet. It’s always interesting to me how people will say things about you on the Internet that they would never dream of saying to your face. As if just because you can’t see the other’s reaction means they didn’t have one and tearing them down is okay. It’s not.
  • And if you’re looking for a great new media blog, 901am launched a few months ago and is doing a great job of keeping my interest. Even if I did get flamed in one of their latest blog posts. :) If you haven’t given them a shot yet, I’d highly recommend it.

So that’s it. I’m off to go get caught up on everything I missed while I was away. I’ll be back to full blogging duties on Monday. See ya then!

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