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January 28, 2014

Bruce Clay’s SEO Predictions for 2014, Google Trends and More in the SEO Newsletter

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This month’s 2014 Trends Edition of the SEO Newsletter, features Bruce Clay’s exclusive 2014 predictions for the SEO industry. Readers will also find an article on the many ways to use Google Trends for research and data visualization and the monthly roundup of Digital marketing top developments, shifts and happenings.

Bruce Clay’s 2014 Predictions for the SEO Industry

Clay, an Digital marketing thought-leader since 1996 who is widely known as a founding father of SEO has shared his SEO predictions every year since 2006. In this eight annual installment, Clay identifies the changes he expects to see when it comes to spam treatment, SERP makeup, mobile search, local search, video search and voice search. Among Clay’s insights:

  • “Google will introduce enhanced features to local results that businesses can buy, much like exists with PPC, or coupons with local listings. Local search results will be displayed for more than half of all searches across all devices.”
  • “Google will continue its crusade to root out spam and in doing so may extend the breadth of its net so even ‘minor offenses’ will be identified and punished. Negative SEO will be treated by Google as a major penalty offense, with Google detecting it and punishing it at the highest end of the spam severity scale.”
  • “Google will drop the number of ‘blue links’ organic listings on the first results page to five.”

10 Reasons You Should Use Google Trends for More Than Just Keyword Research

In this month’s back-to-basics article, Chelsea Adams dives into the features that make Google Trends much more than a keyword research tool. Be sure to review 10 Reasons You Should Use Google Trends for More Than Just Keyword Research. The multidimensional view provided by Google Trends can directly inform marketing strategy as you learn search trends and corresponding factors, including seasonality, geographic location and media coverage. The advantages of using Google Trends are many:

  • The data is extremely visual and dynamic, which is especially useful for visual learners (65 percent of the population).
  • You can assess and graph five keywords simultaneously.
  • When performing a query, Google Trends operates on inferred intent, meaning that it includes misspellings and synonymous words/ideas.

January’s Hot Topic features Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt’s outlook for 2014, as shared in recent appearance on Bloomberg TV’s “Ask A Millionaire.” Schmidt reveals his predictions for 2014’s biggest change, 2014’s biggest disruptor and 2014’s biggest disruption. In Education Matters, get the 411 on the Internet Marketing Conference Calendar that lists every major Digital marketing conference the world over in 2014.

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3 responses to “Bruce Clay’s SEO Predictions for 2014, Google Trends and More in the SEO Newsletter”

  1. Hemant writes:

    Hi Kristi,

    This is a helpful article for me, I really appreciate you efforts :)

  2. Sandi writes:

    Great to see what predictions Bruce has for 2014. He is the highest authority in the SEO world. Thank you for sharing his insight with us, Kristi!

  3. Sunday writes:

    Well, the SEO predictions for 2014 are not to be ignored. Bruce Clay should now be an authority in SEO. After all, only a few experts can boast of skills in predicting and applying the very best of SEOs since 2006.

    Its also good to learn how well we can still use or apply Google Trend aside from using it to obtain relevant keyword.

    Thanks Kristi for this post which I have bookmarked for future reference.

    I have shared this comment in – the content syndication,social aggregation website where this post was shared and bookmarked.

    Sunday –

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