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August 4, 2006

Forum Chatter 08/04/2006

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Some Notable Forum Threads:

A Cre8asite member polls members on where they get their blog ideas. Proving the Cre8asite gang is a smart bunch, members advise subscribing to Google News or Yahoo! News alerts to get info on industry updates, reading industry blogs (and their accompanying comments section for the real dirt), or doing “grab bag” posts by asking readers what they want to see blogged. All good suggestions.

I would also recommend checking the forums for interesting threads (which is how I found this one…), looking up your industry-related keywords on sites like or technorati to see what kind of conversation is brewing, and even checking out sites like Yahoo! Answers to see what people are asking there. People ask all sorts of interesting things on those question boards, you never what you might come across.

As mentioned in the thread, what you blog about really depends on who you’re writing for, what you want your blog to accomplish and how often you expect to blog. A weekly personal blog will take on a very different format than say, an updated-daily Internet Marketing blog.

Over at WMW, members are discussing how to convince a client to stay (or not to) when they’re threatening to end their contract over lack of performance. RoyalChina says one of his clients threatened to dump his services after a change in Google’s algorithm caused one their sites to get bumped to the second page of Google’s SERP. He wants to know if his client’s expectations are too high.

Members offered a variety of difference advice, including showing the client that their goals are being met regardless of fluctuating rankings, sending out form letters explaining the situation and detailing successes, and encouraging “long term thinking”.

It’s unfortunate RoyalChina even finds himself in this situation. Ideally, before a contract was even written up he should have sat down with his client to explain what they could and could not expect from the campaign. The client’s goals, as well as ranking fluctuations, should have been addressed beforehand so situations like this are squashed from the beginning. As an SEO, you never want to be in the situation of having to defend your work.

More Notable Blog Posts:

Google updates its FAQ to tell users there is “almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your rankings.”

Does gender really matter on the blogosphere? Kim Krause asks What Gender Is Your Blog (and Who Cares?) and Nick Wilson asks: Women Bloggers – BlogHER or BloggER?

The Google AdSense blog gives users the ABCs of A/B Testing.

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