Optimization Odds and Ends

I know Rebecca Kelley is going to leave a snarky comment about how I just stole her favorite headline, but she’ll just have to deal with. Won’t you, Becs?

Anyway, a couple of quick optimization bits I thought were worthy of a mention:

Have You Read Your SEO Newsletter Lately?

Despite what the pictures suggest, it wasn’t all fun and games yesterday. We did actually send out the latest edition of our SEO Newsletter, with a great article on microsites, no less. If you didn’t get it, it’s probably because you’re not subscribed. Don’t worry; we can remedy that quickly, just use that little subscribe button sitting over there on the right. ;)

15 Percent Off Your Wordtracker Subscription

Wordtracker is once again offering up a hefty discount for their awesome keyword research tool. That’s right, search marketers and their ilk can get 15 percent off their Wordtracker subscription when signing up for a year-long account. To get the discount, simply visit the offer page (affiliate link) and use the promotion code us-annual-15. The offer comes complete with Wordtracker’s 30-day guarantee and is valid through Nov. 30. If you don’t currently have a Wordtracker subscription, we recommend you scurry over there and go sign up. Your search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns will thank us.

Are you a PPC or Search Engine Optimization expert?

Oh, you think so, do you? Then prove it!

We don’t typically link to the various optimization contests that go on from time-to-time (mostly because they’re silly) but this one seems both worthwhile and fun.

The folks at Top SEO are running their annual SEO & PPC competition, giving search marketers a chance to prove their mad optimization skillz and show prospective clients that they’re competent, trustworthy and genuine when it comes to their SEM campaigns. Unlike the typical vapid SEO contest, applicants are evaluated over a 12 month/ four phase period and judged on things like customer satisfaction, depth of knowledge in the field, reporting methods, internal principles and other good stuff.

The contest will kick off Jan. 1, 2008. To enter, simply download the competition application or fill out the online application. The entry fee for the competitions is $5,000.00 per category. I realize this sounds a bit steep, but if you consider the amount of visibility and free advertising you’ll be getting through the year, it makes it a lot easier to swallow.

The two winners (one for search engine optimization and another for PPC) be crowned no later than Jan. 31, 2009 and will be highlighted in Visibility Magazine, on the Top SEOs Web site, as well as in their booth when they travel to conferences throughout the year. It will be your company’s face everywhere search marketers aim to be.

As we learn more about the contest, we’ll be sure to pass it on to you guys.

Lisa Barone is a writer, content marketer & VP of strategy at Overit Media. She's also a very active Twitterer, much to the dismay of the rest of the world.

See Lisa's author page for links to connect on social media.

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Re: Halloween pics.
Ask Susan whom she takes after!!!!
Robert looks awesome. Did he shave in the 2nd Picture?

I noticed that I use “Odds and Ends” fairly often, but have you noticed how often SEOs use “X and X and X, Oh My!” as a title (a lá “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”)? I’m an offender, too, but it’s funny how many posts I’ve seen that were titled accordingly.

5K! Thats hilarious. Most SEO competitions pay you. After all you’re generating buzz for the competition yourself. Kudos to TopSEOs.com for creating a buzz campaign for the competition AND charging an entry fee.


People who click from bloglines to this article can’t see the ‘subscribe button’.
Thats why I never subscribed to the newsletter. Thanks for pointing this out. I subscribed now, but I would change the design to include the subscribe button.

Wow… I am very successful for my sites and my client sites here in Tucson. Since I only work with local sites and use geo-targeting we can be very successful without paying a penny for marketing. It does however, require time! There are just so many free resources available that at this time we do not spend anything on marketing and get results.. So for us 5K is huge… If I had that can of money I would invest it on a much better site!


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