Looking for an SEM Analyst? 25 PPC Interview Questions You Need to Ask

Whether you’re doing the asking or the answering, both sides of the desk can use these 25 PPC interview questions to get ready for an upcoming interview.

Need guidance on what to ask to assess a potential SEM analyst’s experience and expertise? I sat down with our PPC analysts and the person in charge of hiring for pay-per-click services roles here at BCI to get the inside track. So you can prepare using our own PPC interview questions!

PPC Interview Questions

Hiring managers: These PPC interview questions will help you ascertain not only a candidate’s expertise and experience, but also how aware they are of the current paid search landscape and how they deal with clients.

SEM analysts: Put your best foot forward by preparing your answers to these questions — they’re literally exactly what we’d want to know if you found yourself in our office for an interview. (BTW, we’re currently looking for an SEM Manager to join our team!)

Without further ado, on to the questions!

PPC Interview Questions

  1. How do you improve the quality of your lead generation?
  2. How are you dealing with the removal of right-side ads?
  3. What bid optimization tools do you use as a PPC analyst?
  4. What’s your strategy for dealing with an ecommerce client?
  5. How do you handle limited budget in high CPC (cost per click) environments, such as legal and medical?
  6. What industries do you have experience managing paid campaigns for?
  7. What’s a micro-moment?
  8. What are the three most important components of a good search ad?
  9. What are the hallmarks of a good PPC landing page?
  10. What do you feel is the most valuable match-type (in Google AdWords or Bing Ads)?
  11. How do you ensure your conversion tracking is working correctly?
  12. How do you continue to drive sales when a client is in non-peak sales periods?
  13. How would you use organic data to improve PPC campaign performance?
  14. Give us examples of how you would use Google Analytics to improve your client’s performance.
  15. What do you consider when writing an ad?
  16. What’s the importance of mobile in today’s PPC advertising arena?
  17. How do you stay up on SEM news?
  18. Share an example of a time you implemented CRO tactics successfully.
  19. Share an example of how you work collaboratively with other digital marketing departments.
  20. Tell me about a time your work or guidance had a positive impact on a coworker or other internal team.
  21. What excites you about PPC?
  22. How do you deal with a client who is not receptive to your recommendations?
  23. Describe your PPC ad campaign optimization workflow.
  24. What do you know about our company?
  25. Why should we hire you?

There you have it — the exact PPC interview questions we’d ask a potential SEM analyst or manager! If you’re gearing up for a PPC interview, we’re sure this will help you prepare.

If you’d like to know more about what being an SEM analyst in 2016 is like, check out Digital Marketing Jobs and Salary Data. You’ll discover how much the average SEM analyst makes, and what skills are necessary for a successful career in SEM.

What other PPC interview questions would you expect to hear? Tell us in the comments!

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12 Replies to “Looking for an SEM Analyst? 25 PPC Interview Questions You Need to Ask”

All 25 questions on SEM are fantastic. Some of them are very deep to understand PPC basics.
Good set of question.

No question about ROI Analysis? This is most important factor, it doesn’t matter how expensive your CPC if you can get high ROI for each transaction. I think SEM specialist should able to provides the methodology of ROI strategy that can be easily analyzed as well.

Questions related to quality lead generation and ad optimization are very important to ask before investing in paid advertising.
Another important thing in ppc is conversion tracking.

PPC campaigns always helps to bring targetted traffic and generate useful leads.It also helps when you need traffic in short time.

Useful PPC interview questions. Thanks for sharing your ideas related to the PPC. Helpful for me. Keep sharing your details like this :)

Good Post, It’s useful for paid campaigns

Great post! I need to brush up on some of these answers. If it doesn’t come out, it needs to be fixed.

Thanks Kristi for this great list of questions to ask to our SEM analyst before we hire him !

Thanks for sharing this task. It is very helpful for me.

Hello Kristi, thanks for this great post. I was looking for a SEM analyst and these questions are really going to come in handy. Thanks again.


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