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July 20, 2009

Search Engine Optimisation-Recap 20 July 2009

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Not too much pure SEO in this week’s recap, but for all those lovers of figures, today’s recap will be a smorgasbord of delightful information. This is part 1 of the recap; part 2 will follow later in the week.

Social Media Statistics

Search Engine optimisation recap 20 jul

Photo by $ydney via Creative Commons

Some great statistics from this article that show the growth and activity of many of the most popular social media sites on the web right now. Some of the most illuminating stats were:
• Twitter grew a massive 1,928 percent in the US from June ’08 to June ’09, now reaching a total of 21 million monthly unique visitors.
• Facebook had 87.3 million unique visitors in June.
• MySpace leads all social media sites (excluding YouTube) in unique video viewers, with 12.9 million.
• Facebook is quickly growing its video reach – from 2.4 million unique viewers in June ’08 to 12 million in June ’09.
• Twitter users spent an average of 31 minutes, 17 seconds on the site in June. This excludes users of clients like TweetDeck.

Finding and Using Niche Blogs

This article had some great ideas in terms of why you want to find niche blogs; how to find niche blogs, how should you target the niche blogs and what you should do once you have located a niche blog that you want to interact with.
The main takeaways from this blog post is that the reason you want to find and use niche blogs is in order to get links, receive traffic and benefit from the niche blogger’s expertise on the subject matter.
There is a good list and process for finding these niche blogs and an idea of what to do, once you have located the blogs.

Mobile Media Consumption

Some great mobile consumption habits were listed here. It was the result of a Universal McCann-AOL study. Listed below are the important statistics from the study:

Why/where they use mobile:
• 95% of respondents said they used mobile media to fill downtime
• 82% use it at work
• 81% while shopping
• 80% at home
• 65% while commuting to work
• 73% use maps and directions
• 55% said they participated in social networking or sought out restaurant and movie listings or reviews
• 44% read/consume national news and information
The cross platform platform:
• 77% said they use mobile and TV at the same time (does this replace the laptop?)
• 55% of mobile users follow brands across multiple media
• 56% said they have been driven to mobile from other media
• 42% said they have been driven from mobile to other media

Acceptance of advertising:

• 38% of respondents said they had taken action based on mobile ads
• Just under 30% said mobile ads had led them to share information
• 22% said mobile ads had influenced a purchase decision

Part 2 of the Search Engine Optimisation recap will follow later on the week.

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