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November 25, 2010

SEO Hot Tub – 19th of November

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Another energy-packed two weeks have passed at Bruce Clay and as always we’ve got the juiciest information for you all. Here are the top stories from this week’s SEO Hot Tub.

The Effects of Page Previews in SERP’s

With the introduction of Page Previews in Google, there may be an effect on click-throughs based on what users see in the page previews. Users are not only looking at the title and description of the search results; they can now see a cached view of the page. Check, recent posts this is not cached, it is also affecting analytics and counts as a visit, as Google draws the page directly.

Through internal testing, Google reported a 5% growth in satisfaction for those who clicked through after being shown a page preview.

One of the main reasons why the page preview function may be influential on click-through rates is that the preview stands out and takes up a large proportion of the screen space, sometimes at the expense of paid ads I might add, as evidenced by the following browser screenshot:

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Use engagement objects (pictures, video) on your webpages as site design will play a more significant role in CTRs and conversions at the search engine level
  • Do not use Flash, as Google Page Preview is currently not able to process flash on the page preview. If you do use Flash, your page will resemble a jigsaw puzzle, like below:
  • To learn more about how to optimise for Google Instant Previews, visit the Google post.

This is only a part of the story on Google Instant Previews. Visit the Bruce Clay Global blog ( for a more detailed discussion into this topic.

Google Creates new “Source” tags to help detect original news sources in Google News

Two new experimental tags, the syndication-source and original-source, have been released by Google. This will help Google News detect different news sources. These are currently called experimental due to potential issues with spam.

The syndication-source meta tag should be used by both the site that syndicates its content, as well as the site that receives and publishes the syndicated content from another source.

Tag is: meta name=”syndication-source” content=

The original-source meta tag should be used by publishers wanting to claim their article as the original version. (similar to the rel=“canonical” tag).

Tag is: meta name=”original-source” content=

Yahoo! Search Clues – Keyword Research Hero

Yahoo! Search Clues is a nifty tool that helps to conduct keyword research. In particular, the Yahoo! Search Clues offers the ability to type in one search term, and see what search queries users typed before and after that search term.

Zemanta: a Link Building Tool like No Other.

Zemanta is a link building platform that connects bloggers to advertisers. The users pay for recommendations, and then the bloggers, who are creating relevant content for their blog choose which article they would like to include on their blogs.

The blogger benefit of Zemanta is  that it helps construct a relevant and unique blog post. Zemanta plugs into all the major browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer), and also Gmail to assist the blogger to write high quality articles by suggesting interesting content and article links. These article links are actually written by the advertisers in the hope that the blogger would include them in their article.

The benefit for the advertisers is that Zemanta allow advertisers with article content to purchase recommendations. The article content recommendation is offered to the bloggers and they can choose whether or not they link to it. This is a permanent link, and after the advertiser has paid for the recommendations, they do not need to pay any ongoing fee to keep the link.

In that respect, Zemanta is not considered a paid link; in actual fact, no payment is exchanged between the blogger and the advertiser. Would love to hear your thoughts if you have used Zemanta and have positive results.

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One response to “SEO Hot Tub – 19th of November”

  1. Jody writes:

    Inspiration for the title “SEO Hot Tub”? Just curious.(We make hot tubs)
    Good info. A bit over my head though. I don’t actually do most of the SEO work for my company, just the basic stuff. Always looking for tips and advice, and good products/services. We do spend a good chunk on internet marketing…

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