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March 10, 2011

SEO Hot Tub – 4th March 2010

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SEO Hot Tub – 4th March 2010

We are back again after a long 15 days break with loads of SEO news! The major topics covered during the session were Google’s algorithm updates, Facebook’s new “Like”, Bing’s new search features, optimising PDFs, Google’s recipe view and some good stuff on optimisation.

Google Forecloses On Content Farms with “Scraper Update”

“Scraper” sites are those sites that pull content from other sources instead of having original content. They do this through legitimate means such as using RSS files. The name “scraper” was given based on the context of automated scraping or copying contents from other sites.

The target of this update is to give searchers the original content rather than a site that has scraped or copied the original’s content.

Google Forecloses On Content Farms With “Farmer” Algorithm Update

As promised by Google, they took action against the sites that were gaining rankings with low quality content. Google said – the new change in the algorithm will affect 11.8% of its search results in the US.

Number Crunchers: Who Lost In Google’s “Farmer” Algorithm Change?

*OPI – Organic Performance Index

How To Optimize For Facebook’s New ‘Like’

The new Facebook “like” functionality is replacing the traditional “share” button. The new “liked” content will now be featured with thumbnails and meta data from Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol. By including the Open Graph tags on your web page, it will be equivalent to a Facebook page! Here is a little snapshot of the Facebook’s Open Graph tags:

New on Bing: Flight Auto Suggest & Natural Language Shopping Search

Bing recently uncovered a nice little feature for searchers looking to travel. Auto-suggest results, built off of their price prediction algorithm, shows instant price ranges for the flight prices.

Bing also unveiled a new feature for every day shoppers. They have improved the way to handle the price queries to deliver results that automatically reflect the searcher’s budget.

Bing Extends Facebook Likes to All U.S. Search Results

Bing announced that if one of your Facebook friends (or multiple friends) has ‘liked’ or shared any pages that Bing shows in your search results, a picture of that friend, along with a note saying “X liked this,” will appear underneath the page info. According to Danny Goodwin from search engine watch, when Bing first announced its partnership with Facebook, Likes were integrated in a separate “Liked By Your Friends” module. This was later expanded.

Remember to SEO your PDFs

  • Here are some quick tips for optimising PDFs:
  • Give your PDF a search-friendly file name
  • Use your company name in the ‘author’ field
  • Optimise title tags
  • If using Adobe, make use of description field (acts the same as meta description)
  • Add alt tags to PDF images
  • Add tags and accessibility so your content can be read by screen readers and magnifiers
  • Always include a link to your website
  • Write-protect your PDF so others can’t edit it and remove your link
  • Always offer a HTML version of the document

Google Introduced Recipe View based on rich snippets mark-up

Recipe view enables users to filter results to show only recipes and to restrict results based on ingredients, cooking time, or calories. The Recipe view is based on the data from recipe rich snippets mark-up. If you have recipe pages, be sure you have added the structured data mark-up to be seen in the search results.

That’s the wrap up of this session’s summary. Stop by again for the next hot tub session notes.

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