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May 12, 2010

SEO sharing session

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Once again our team of analysts have combed the various SEO, online marketing, SEM and other geeky resources on the web and have come up with a few highlights for the past month.

sharing session

Photo by Ed Yourdon via Creative Commons

SEOMOZ-“The Definitive How-To Guide For Conversion Rate Optimization”

Conversion rate optimization is…

  • Finding out why visitors aren’t converting
  • Fixing it
  • That’s it.

Conversion rate optimisation isn’t…

  • Split-testing the colour of your buttons (unless you really want to)
  • Following best-practice and guesswork
  • Based on misleading metrics

Stage one: research and analysis

  • Become the customer-Buy the product or service. And when you’re buying it, take screenshots and/or use Camtasia or similar to record yourself buying it. (It’s incredible how many people haven’t bought a product or service from their own site.)
  • Set up funnels in Google Analytics
  • Use other analytics packages-
  • Crazy Egg
  • ClickTale
  • Do five usability tests
  • Survey your customers

Stage two: solutions

  • Create a list of all the objections + issues
  • Brainstorm ways to overcome them
  • Look for hidden opportunities
  • Prioritise the actions (aim for quick results and maximum improvement)

Stage three: development and testing

  • Develop the variations and take screenshots
  • Set up Crazy Egg on variations
  • Test using Google Website Optimizer

Stage four: review and expand

  • Log the results and screenshots
  • Analyse the results (big losses are just as important as big wins)
  • If you got a win, can it be developed further?
  • If you got a win, can it be applied to other parts of the funnel?

SEOMOZ-“30 SEO Problems & the Tools to Solve Them”

SEL-“Google Local Business Center Becomes “Google Places”

Google has decided to change the name of what was called the “Google Local Business Center” to “Google Places.” The rationale, according to the press release, is to better connect Google Place Pages with the place where local business information is claimed, entered and enhanced:

Why? Millions of people use Google every day to find places in the real world, and we want to better connect Place Pages – the way that businesses are being found today – with the tool that enables business owners to manage their presence on Google.

There are some additional things being announced with the name change:

  • Service areas (previously announced)
  • Enhanced listings ($25 per month) renamed “Tags.” Adding to its initial markets, Houston and San Jose (CA), Google is adding Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, Boulder and San Francisco.
  • Business Photos: free interior photography of the business.
  • Customized QR codes that are unique to an individual business and “can be placed on business cards or other marketing materials, and customers can scan them with certain smartphones to be taken directly to the mobile version of the Place Page for that business.”
  • Favorite Places (round 2)
  • More than 4 million business listings on Google claimed by business owners (using the Local Business Center, now Google Places)
  • Nearly 2 million listings have been claimed in the United States
  • 20% of searches on Google are related to location
  • There are 50 million Place Pages
  • Place Pages are viewed millions of times each day
  • We have mailed out Favorite Places window decals to around 200,000 businesses around the United States
  • In particular:
  • 4 million business listings on Google claimed by business owners; nearly 2 million listings have been claimed in the United States
  • 20% of searches on Google are related to location

SEL-“Google Makes One Change Per Day To Search Algorithm”

Google’s Matt Cutts just posted a video on YouTube answering the question, “how many search algorithm changes were made in 2009?” In response to that question, Matt said Google likely makes a change per day to the search algorithm. They don’t necessarily release those changes each day, but they will release them in batches. But overall, he hopes to average at least one change per day to the algorithm. He said in 2009, they probably had between 350 to 400 or so changed to the search algorithm.

TechCrunch-“Google Is Blocked In 25 Of The 100 Countries They Offer Products In”

This morning, on their main blog, Google posted a little reminder to everyone about its view on censorship on the web. Specifically, they don’t like it. And while we all know their take on China’s demand for censorship by now, the search giant also offered up a new interesting little factoid: of the 100 countries around the world in which Google offers their services, some 25 at least partially block them.

Thats all from the analysts here at Bruce Clay Australia, if you have any suggestions or advice on a hot new resource, let us know!!

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