4 Smart Ways to Boost Your In-House SEO

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Wish you were getting better results with your in-house SEO? There comes a time in every SEO program where you feel like you’ve plateaued. But you can push past it. I’ll share four things you can do to take your SEO results to the next level:

1. Get the Right Kind of Buy-In

This one seems like a no-brainer. If you’re already doing SEO, then that probably means you’ve had some buy-in. But the type I’m talking about is company-wide.

What does that mean, exactly? It means that every team knows that SEO is a strategic business initiative. There is a big difference between lip service buy-in for SEO and every team knowing that SEO is imperative.

Because different teams make updates to the website and because all teams make business decisions, everyone needs to be thinking about SEO – how will this website change impact SEO? How can this business goal be achieved by SEO?

One of our clients saw tremendous results when everyone was on board, and you can read more about that here.

For more on how to get company buy-in, see:

2. Hire the Best People

Hire an expert SEO, and you have the ability to change your business trajectory online; hire a mediocre one, and you will get average results.

The good news is that search engine optimization jobs are in-demand. Remote jobs especially are desirable right now and one of the reasons behind The Great Resignation. SEO is the perfect type of job to offer remotely.

With the right offer, you can attract the best talent. And remember that experience can trump college degrees in this field. However, in my opinion, too many companies are looking for SEO generalists.

In fact, according to research by Backlinko, only about 23% of SEO jobs required technical SEO skills. That is a mistake. You want strategists, but you also need technical analysts to be able to take your SEO to the next level.

Once you have your candidates, make sure you are asking the right questions. You want to get a feel for their technical abilities as well as what sort of soft skills are required for a job like SEO.

These articles will help you in your search to find the right people:

3. Get SEO Training

One of the ways you can get your many team members on the same page about SEO quickly is to offer SEO training.

This is especially important when you want to recalibrate how you should be doing SEO, to get C-Suite up to speed on it or when you are starting a company-wide SEO journey (this really comes in handy when you are asking IT to make technical changes to the website).

And even experienced SEO professionals need continuing education. Here at our company, for example, our SEO analysts spend countless hours staying updated on the latest SEO news and strategies.

So SEO training can be a great refresher for many, depending on the curriculum and resources offered by the training company.

For more, see:

4. Get Outside Expertise

When you’ve been knee-deep in your SEO program for a number of years, it can be challenging to think of new ideas. Also: There could be something going on with your website that is hindering your search engine rankings without even knowing it.

These types of scenarios are when outside expertise can really come in handy. I’m talking about hiring an outside SEO consultant or agency to take your in-house program to the next level.

There are different ways you can work with an SEO vendor:

  • You can get an in-depth SEO audit to uncover any issues your site may be having and how to fix them.
  • You can invest in expert consulting services that are tailored based on your needs.
  • You can buy a block of hours for special projects that need an expert team (for example, you want to get your website in good shape for Google’s page experience update).

These are just some ideas, and, of course, every consultant or agency offers something unique. We have honed our process over years of difficult projects – perhaps a free short call to discuss your issue is reasonable?

It is quite common for in-house SEO teams to use outside SEO experts to give them a competitive advantage when the time is right. Just be sure to do your diligence when hiring to make sure you will get the best guidance and the best service fit.

Read more on getting outside expertise:

If your results aren’t where they need to be, follow these tips to get your SEO program moving forward and set your business up for next-level success.

To discuss how our SEO services can meet your needs, please contact us at 1-866-517-1900 or complete our request form today.

FAQ: How important is company-wide buy-in for successful in-house SEO improvement?

The significance of company-wide buy-in must be considered when enhancing in-house SEO performance. This foundational element forms the bedrock upon which successful SEO improvement is built. In-house SEO efforts are not isolated tasks; they permeate every aspect of a company’s online presence, making collective understanding and support a linchpin for success.

Successful in-house SEO improvement hinges on aligning all teams, from marketing and content creation to IT and development. Every department plays a pivotal role in the execution of SEO strategies. A unified vision, where every team recognizes SEO as a strategic business initiative rather than an isolated task, fosters an environment conducive to holistic optimization.

Practical experience has shown that the synergy achieved through company-wide buy-in yields remarkable results. Consider a scenario where content creators weave targeted keywords seamlessly into their articles while the development team ensures the website’s technical aspects align with SEO best practices. This harmonious collaboration amplifies the impact of each strategy, resulting in improved organic traffic and search engine rankings.

Gaining company-wide buy-in involves more than paying lip service to SEO goals. It necessitates fostering a culture where everyone understands the pivotal role of SEO in achieving business objectives. Regular communication, workshops, and training sessions are instrumental in educating teams about SEO’s nuances and its direct impact on the company’s digital footprint.

Furthermore, in-house SEO improvement flourishes when teams share a common language. When marketing, IT, and content teams speak the same SEO language, it streamlines communication, minimizes misunderstandings, and accelerates the implementation of strategies. This shared understanding enables teams to collaborate proactively, fostering an environment where the sum is more significant than its parts.

Company-wide buy-in stands as a cornerstone of successful in-house SEO improvement. Its transformative power lies in its ability to unify teams, foster a shared vision, and maximize the impact of optimization strategies. Embracing company-wide buy-in elevates SEO results and propels the business toward digital success.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Achieving Company-Wide Buy-In for In-House SEO Improvement:

  1. Understand the Landscape: Familiarize yourself with your organization’s current SEO awareness and understanding level.
  2. Craft a Compelling Narrative: Develop a persuasive case highlighting the tangible benefits of SEO for the business.
  3. Engage Leadership: Seek endorsement and support from senior leadership to emphasize the strategic importance of SEO.
  4. Educational Workshops: Organize regular workshops to educate teams about SEO’s impact and relevance.
  5. Cross-Functional Collaboration: Facilitate cross-departmental discussions to encourage collaboration and integration of SEO into various functions.
  6. Shared Goals: Align SEO objectives with broader business goals to emphasize the collective nature of the endeavor.
  7. Communication Channels: Establish channels for regular communication and updates on SEO progress and milestones.
  8. Demonstrate Results: Share success stories and data showcasing the positive outcomes of SEO efforts.
  9. Metrics and Reporting: Implement a robust system for measuring and reporting SEO performance to maintain transparency.
  10. Customized Training: Offer specialized training sessions tailored to the needs of different teams.
  11. Empowerment: Provide teams with the autonomy and resources to implement SEO strategies effectively.
  12. Feedback Loop: Create a mechanism for teams to provide feedback, share insights, and suggest improvements.
  13. Continuous Learning: Foster a culture of continuous learning by staying updated on evolving SEO trends.
  14. Recognition and Rewards: Recognize and reward teams that actively contribute to SEO success.
  15. Collaborative Tools: Utilize digital tools and platforms to facilitate seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  16. Peer Learning: Encourage knowledge exchange among teams through peer-to-peer learning sessions.
  17. Integrate SEO into Processes: Embed SEO considerations into existing workflows and processes.
  18. Regular Assessments: Conduct periodic assessments to gauge the buy-in level and identify improvement areas.
  19. Adapt and Evolve: Stay flexible and adapt your approach based on the changing dynamics within the organization.
  20. Celebrate Milestones: Celebrate achievements and milestones to reinforce the value of company-wide buy-in for in-house SEO improvement.

Bruce Clay is founder and president of Bruce Clay Inc., a global digital marketing firm providing search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media marketing, SEO-friendly web architecture, and SEO tools and education. Connect with him on LinkedIn or through the BruceClay.com website.

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