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July 10, 2012

SEO Ranking Signals: Finding the Right Focus

Bruce Clay on video SEO

Matt Cutts and the Webmaster Help team periodically release videos with advice on search engine marketing and proper technical implementation to aid online businesses. In a recent video, Matt responded to a two-part question to explain the proper focus of search engine optimization. He addressed the questions:

  • Which ranking signals do SEOs worry about too much?
  • What ranking signals should SEOs focus on the most?

Since it’s so important that SEOs remember the objective behind their actions, in a video response Bruce has also tackled the issue of how to approach SEO to see the best marketing and visibility effect.

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March 23, 2012

Top Takeaways from Search Engine Strategies NYC

The first conference of the year for Search Engine Strategies was held in New York this week. From the ideas shared to the conversations had to the networking and more, we experienced another great event from SES. Up next for SES here in the United States is the San Francisco conference in August. Until then, here’s a recap of some of the takeaways we gathered from our liveblog coverage of the show.

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January 9, 2012

Google Caught Buying Links: Bruce Clay’s Analysis

SEM Synergy series logo blue bg

Hate to say I told you so… scratch that. This time it feels good.

Last month we let you in on the new direction of SEM Synergy: short-form video with an experimental format (Q&As, site reviews, couch-side kick backs). Today we’re happy to present to you the first video episode of the SEM Synergy Web series.

Topic du jour: Google instituting a ranking penalty on its Chrome browser after paid links were uncovered.

Find the transcript for the video below, and check out the Bruce Clay, Inc. YouTube channel for a look at our still evolving platform for the video series. If you like it, come back tomorrow as we dissect the process of producing and publishing video content. As we learn, we plan to share our experiences with trying to create sticky and interesting show. To that end, I do my best Larry King impression as we dive into a hot, timely issue.

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June 7, 2011

You & A with Matt Cutts – SMX Advanced

Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan

We are here now with Matt Cutts for a question-and-answer session and boy, it’s packed! Moderator is Danny Sullivan on this one.

Danny is singing a tune to Mr. Rogers about Matt — I think you had to be here to get the full experience. He and Danny are putting on custom Google Vans shoes now a la Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

Danny just unveiled the third guest in the other chair — a giant stuffed panda. And now panda foot stools. Wow, this is a whole skit. Danny just said “Panda does what panda wants” — a honeybadger reference (if you haven’t seen that video on YouTube, go there).

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December 23, 2010

Jingle Bells, X-mas Farewells, Long Weekend — Hooray!

BCI Winter 2010 Logo

It’s almost that time, and before you ship yourself off to family functions to stuff your bellies full of food that instigates gym memberships, we wanted to fill you up with some holiday merriment — the kind that doesn’t have any calories.

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June 25, 2010

Friday Recap: Summer Stroll Edition

cupcake with heart

Happy Friday! Hope your first summer weekend kicks the happiest season off right! But before that, let’s take a sunny stroll through this week on the Web.

If it doesn’t feel like summer where you are yet, a chuckle is always good to get that warm fuzzy sensation running through your veins. The Internet had a good chuckle this week learning that the National Pork Board sent a cease and desist to ThinkGeek for stepping on the slogan “The Other White Meat” in their advertising for unicorn meat. What the pork people really need is a serving of Sasquatch — I hear it improves sarcasm detection.

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June 8, 2010

Search Engine Optimization: You & A with Matt Cutts

Danny Sullivan and Matt Cutts

Here we are, friends, the main event. The man, the myth, the (search) rock star. The room is packed, every seat at the “liveblogger” table is filled. (Um, yeah, where have you people been the REST of the conference?)

Much business with life vests and jokes about this soda not being good enough because it doesn’t have enough “Caffeine”. That’s right, folks. Caffeine is officially LIVE. Here’s the official blog post: Caffeine.

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June 4, 2010

Friday Recap: Caffeine Jolt Edition

smiling coffee

Howdy on this fine Friday! It’s almost time to get your weekend on, but first, get some light reading in, ‘kay?

We were introduced to a new dinosaur species this week, and isn’t he a handsome specimen? Beak-like face and a name that translates to “grinding-mouth, wrinkle-eye” — Jeyawati was a cutie!

I fear we’re all headed in the direction of the dinosaurs if they can’t clean up the Gulf Coast oil disaster and stop the flow of oil. There’s not much we can do about that mess at the moment, so go ahead and plant a tree. Mother Nature could use any boost she can get right now.

Did you have a cup of coffee or three this morning to give you a boost? A new study suggests that the stimulation felt from caffeine may be just an illusion. The researchers say that regular coffee drinkers that get their caffeine fix every morning may simply be alleviating the fatiguing effects of caffeine withdrawal, giving the effect of alertness while actually just bringing them back to normal. Susan and Jessica are highly skeptical. And admitted coffee addicts… Just saying. ;)

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April 23, 2010

Friday Recap: Gold Star Edition

blue jellyfish

Hooray for Friday! Very serious business to attend to. I need you to log-in to your MySpace account (I know it’s been a while, but you’ve got that password stored in your gray matter somewhere) and give a gold star to a talented young actress auditioning for Glee. Just check out those pipes! Katie Luke, don’t forget the little people when you become a big star on TV’s number one (only?) TV musical series! [Well, since Cop Rock and Viva Laughlin didn’t work out, it’s the only one, yeah. —Susan] (How on earth did a show about musical cops not work out? Shocking.)

When you’ve got the organized support of the SEM community behind you, you can achieve great things. I mean, look what happened when I sent out a couple tweets to my network that I’d submitted a name to ProspectMX’s open vote to name the Matt Cutts rocket! My name won! I may never know if it won because people voted because I asked them to, or if they really liked the name, but I do know what happened when they launched Matt Cutts into space. You have to see it.

Read more of Friday Recap: Gold Star Edition.

April 2, 2010

Friday Recap: Fools’ Paradise Edition

ProspectMX sends Matt Cutts to space

What a week! Yesterday was April Fools’ Day and as could be expected, pranks galore ensued. David Harry has rounded up Google’s annual joke-a-thon, including a name change on the home page, Google Translate for animals and the mysterious disappearance of vowels on the Gmail home page. The cruelest April Fools’ joke of all came courtesy of College Humor. Lying to New Yorkers that they’d be so lucky as to get In-N-Out. That’s just mean!

Read more of Friday Recap: Fools’ Paradise Edition.

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