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January 18, 2016

What Is UX? Who Owns User Experience Optimization? What You Need to Know About SEO & User Satisfaction from #SEOchat

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What is UX?

User experience (UX) is the web design and marketing concept concerned with satisfying the user in their every interaction with a brand’s website and products. Attention to UX spans all aspects of digital marketing, including images and videos, design, website architecture and content.

When we hosted #SEOChat last week, we immediately knew what we wanted to talk about: user experience. It’s an integral part of digital marketing, and something we can never pay too much attention to.


UX + Star Wars = Winning #SEOchat

Digital marketing bellwethers including Duane Forrester, Lisa Buyer, Casie Gillette, Robert Ramirez, Michelle Robbins, Virginia Nussey, Eric Lander, Jason White and Bill Slawski showed up to talk UX. We were also delighted to have Kim Krause Berg — the veritable UX whisperer — join us for the chat.

“I was pleased to see that many SEOs place a high value on user experience for all devices, and that they understood why … I’m thrilled that Bruce Clay, Inc. is educating people on UX,” Berg said post-chat. “UX is HUGE …  it includes empathy for every human, using every device and every software application and every search engine wanting to provide what humans want, in every environment, with an understanding of the limitations of age, bandwidth, Internet availability, use cases and business requirements specific to one’s business or web page intent.”

Read on for highlights from #SEOchat, or head over to Search Marketing Weekly for a full transcript of the chat pulled together by Lyena Solomon.

UX Defined

Who Owns UX?

Identifying UX Problems

Biggest UX Mistakes

Examples of Brands on TOP of UX

Digital marketers weighed in on who’s doing UX the best … drum roll …

  • The Webby Awards
  • SoulCycle
  • Redbox
  • Apple

Keep Your Visitors Scrolling

Decreasing Load Time

Tips for Creating Video on a Limited Budget

Making Images that Don’t Look Like Stock Photo Garbage #SorryNotSorry

After #SEOchat, Virginia Nussey and I headed over to host a post-chat chat on Blab so SEOs could sound off on anything else involving UX. Check it out below!

Thanks to everyone who joined us at #SEOchat! Join us every Thursday at 10 a.m. PT for another #SEOchat — and if you’re new, check out this article to find out more about #SEOchat and how it can benefit you (like being able to ask a group of experts any question on SEO and getting an answer in real time — for free)!

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4 responses to “What Is UX? Who Owns User Experience Optimization? What You Need to Know About SEO & User Satisfaction from #SEOchat”

  1. Smartsocialbrand writes:

    There are two unassailably important considerations when designing an effective web presence. Namely: UX and SEO.
    For more details visit:

  2. Kristi Kellogg writes:

    Glad you found it useful!

  3. clipping path writes:

    Hello Kristi,
    I am new to online optimization and need to lots of effective info that will rise my skill.
    That post you shared brings me this kind of info.
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Harrison Mann writes:

    Great chat yet again full of actionable advice – UK is everyone’s job and making it smoother and for humans should be everyone’s jobs.

    Actually working on a large UX project at the moment and I`m getting most of the clients team involved, finding things that need streamlining and simplifying on their site.

    I find more eyes help make the project quicker!

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