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December 2006 - Bruce Clay, Inc. Blog

December 22, 2006

Friday Recap: Year-End Heckler Edition

Normally, we’d just link off but since this is possibly the greatest video of 2006 (and Susan is in Japan so there’s no one here to rein me in, muahaha), I’m going to give it to you right here. Watch how this adorable, incomprehensible baby 2-year-old human handles a heckler. Why is it the only […]

December 21, 2006

Digg Members Go Renegade

I don’t spend too much time frequenting Digg, but this sucks. Lee Odden reports that his Online Marketing Blog was recently banned from Digg for consistently spamming. Of course anyone who knows Lee knows that Lee Odden is not a spammer. His blog is filled with informative, intelligent content, but unfortunately that doesn’t matter. It […]

Bruce Clay, Inc. First Premier Sponsor of SMX

We’re proud to announce that Bruce Clay, Inc. has been named the first premier sponsor of Danny Sullivan’s Search Marketing Expo. The conference will be held June 4-5 at the state-of-the-art Bell Harbor Convention Center on pier 66 and will be limited to just 300 (!) paid attendees. Combine the overwhelming amount of support that […]

December 20, 2006

Search Headlines – Departures, 2006 Search Blog Awards and Drama

Jake Baillie Leaves TrueLocal Search Engine Journal’s Loren Baker reports on something we too were made aware of today: Jake Baillie announcement that he will be leaving TrueLocal as of Jan. 1 in order to act as Managing Director of a company that will fund new media and technology start-ups. Jake wrote: "As managing director, […]

I was paid to blog this

Last week the FTC issued their opinion on for-hire word of mouth marketing, ruling that anyone being paid to solicit a brand must publicly disclose that relationship. They stated that marketing could be deceptive if consumers were more likely to trust the product’s endorser “based on their assumed independence from the marketer.” Well, yeah. Though […]

December 19, 2006

Search Headlines – Surf Contest and more Sponsors Surf Contest Elisabeth Osmeloski reveals that will be sponsoring the Mavericks Surf Contest taking place in Half Moon Bay, California (that’s where the Scobles live, right?) in early 2007. Greg Ott,’s vice president of marketing, says that when users conduct a search for the surf contest they will be given instant […]

Australia: A Nice Place to Visit

I think I would really enjoy visiting Australia — the sights, the wildlife, the opera house, all of it. It sounds gorgeous. However, I don’t think I’d ever want to live there, what with all the Google suing, potential iPod and YouTube banning, and now the news that users aren’t even allowed to link to […] Gets It Right With Ask X

Be aware: my search geekiness and Ask-love are in full effect today. Please don’t let it scare you away. When launched AskCity a few weeks back, Barry Diller not-so-eloquently revealed that and its homepage would go under "a major update". Well, it looks as if we’re seeing the first phase of that now. […]

December 18, 2006

Weekend Update 12/18/2006

Yahoo: No Directory Tag Coming Tim Mayer revealed in a WebmasterWorld thread that Yahoo! may unveil its No Yahoo Directory Tag during a January update. We first heard they were planning on implementing it back in October, but this is the first we’ve heard of any kind of set date. Here’s hoping it sticks. Google […]

Will Goodmail Make Friends in the UK?

Um, no. Precision Marketing (via TW) reports that the geniuses behind AOL and Yahoo’s Goodmail campaign will launch a similar "paid-for" email venture in the United Kingdom. That would be awesome had, you know, the system actually worked in the States or gotten any kind of backing whatsoever. But it didn’t. So why would it […]

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