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November 24, 2008

Friday – Monday Recap

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Last Friday, a number of the Bruce Clay, Inc. databases went down. Right as I was about to post the Friday Recap. So that brings us to today’s post, the belated Friday (Monday) Recap. I didn’t have the heart to scrap the link-filled post that rounded up the week’s tech news sprinkled with random stories to make you smile — especially since this was an expanded recap meant to hold you over through the Thanksgiving break. So with that, here is your Friday (Monday) Recap.

How about a video to start us off?

Google has released its SearchWiki, which means that now users can customize their search results. Re-order, remove and take notes on the results of your common searches, and it will all be saved for the next time you make that search. Plus, you can see how other people are customizing their searches for the same terms. Forget personalized. Welcome, customized. [They do these things just to annoy Michael Gray, you know. Me, I haven’t seen it. I’m taking the week off Google to give a try. No, really. –Susan]

The real big news of last week was Jerry Yang’s announcement that he would be stepping down from the position of Yahoo CEO once a successor was found. He will be returning to his role as chief Yahoo. Yahoo’s stock rose following the announcement, but dropped sharply after Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft would not be pursuing anything more than a search partnership with Yahoo.

Yahoo’s not giving up, though. Last week, Yahoo released Glue, a search service that pulls together pretty much everything but the “ten blue links”. Yahoo also updated the BOSS API with a search suggestion feature they’re calling Key Terms. This last article I’ve linked to is by SEO developer extraordinaire Vanessa Fox, who is starting a radio show on WebmasterRadio called Office Hours. Or, at least we think Vanessa will be hosting the show. It could actually be her alter ego, Anna. ;)

Another anticipated release last week was the BlackBerry Storm, the newest touch screen smart phone to rival the iPhone. Here’s Digital Daily‘s take:

Considering how much we talk, search, text and play on our phones, I think there’s more than enough market to go around. Don’t you?

One market giant that’s facing trouble is Baidu, which receives about a third of China’s search traffic. They’re facing criticism after a report revealed that unlicensed pharmaceutical companies may be buying rankings. Firefox may also find itself in the spotlight after financial audits show that 88 percent of the Mozilla browser’s revenues come from Google. All that talk of independence look a bit overstated.

Friday was the last day to get the early bird discount for your SES Chicago registration. I know this piece of news is moot, but regular registration is still open. Conferences like SES are a great opportunity to stay tuned-in to the developments online. I mean, some people so don’t get it. Take Walmart, for instance. I loved this lede:

Failing to get the memo that it’s 2008, Wal-Mart has decided to get even more aggressive in battling the ‘pre-mature’ leakage of their Black Friday circular ads. The Bentonville, AR retailer is not only going after the sites that post the circulars, but the search engines that link to and index the sites.

Another company that doesn’t get it — although to a much more comical effect — got schooled by Cracked. Stealing is bad, mmkay? Then there’s InLinks, who get how the Web works, but are flying in the face of Google guidelines anyway.

I’m sure we could all go on and on about companies that don’t quite get it yet, but here’s a way you can stay ahead of the curve. SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, wants you to participate in this year’s State of the Market Survey. The results of the survey will show how the present economy has impacted spending decisions and provide search marketers with a more accurate assessment of what search budgets will look like next year. Not only will you be helping yourself by contributing to the report, but a free pass to an SES show, SMX West and an iPod will be given to three lucky survey participants.

Aside from the chance to get a shiny new iPod, the insight provided by surveys like SEMPO’s can be a great help in planning for the future. Especially, since we can use all the advantages we can get. TechCrunch reported that online ad growth has ground to a halt and Digital Daily says that we’re all doomed since companies expect to all but snuff their IT spending in the last quarter of the year. Regardless, Google is experimenting with added ads across its properties, including YouTube.

At this point, I just want to apologize. If I’m reading this very official graph right, the rise in the number of bloggers is to blame for the economic downturn. [It’s true, bloggers caused the recession. I read it on the Internet.–Susan]

One laid-off Internet marketer has decided to share his technique for finding a job in this troubled environment. How’s he doing it? Twitter, of course! What can’t Twitter do? Uh, other than monetize. Twitpay is going to try to take up that mantle. Also, if you’re looking for a job, there are several openings for witches at one Swedish telemarketing company.

There are some other notable efforts happening to try to convince you to spend that cash you’re wisely hording. Need a truck? How about two? One car dealer has a buy one, get one offer going on for trucks. And when you need an oil change for one of those gas guzzlers, CarX will give you a free puppy with any purchase. (Not a dog person? How about a pet hippo, instead?)

In the category of a special offer that doesn’t reek of desperation, Dr Pepper is offering a coupon for a free soda in celebration of the much-delayed release of the new Guns N’ Roses album. The offer has been extended through today due to the overwhelming response, soda not miss out. Get it?!

If at this point I’ve totally depressed you with talk of the economy, watch this cat ride a Roomba and tell me that doesn’t make you smile.

Still, no matter if you’re feeling spunky or somber, show the world with this keypad/jewelry. And I thought it was weird when I saw a taxi stand/tanning bed in England. Speaking of the UK, a couple there will be divorcing after one of them had an affair on Second Life.

In social news, if you’ve ever wondered what the role of social bookmarking is on your blog, ProBlogger has an excellent analysis. Motrin learned a good lesson last week about how powerful social media is in making or breaking your brand. And Adobe released Cocomo, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that will let developers add real-time social capabilities into Web applications.

There was a great loss last week in the search industry. Our hearts and thoughts are with Leif Nissen’s family and friends.

Things I learned from Boing Boing last week:

  • The co-chair of President-elect Obama’s FCC transition team is a Level 70 Tauren Shaman.
  • The latest development in pricey H2O involves astronaut pee.
  • It is possible to feel worse for President Bush. Now if that’s not the saddest looking leader of the free world ever, I don’t know what is.
  • Parents who fear the Internet everywhere: there’s hope!
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One response to “Friday – Monday Recap”

  1. Tom Lindstrom writes:

    Thanks for the video about Google SearchWiki. Wondering if searchwiki will have any affect on the pages Google normally indexes when it spiders sites?

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