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September 19, 2008

Friday Recap: Pirate Liberties Edition

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While today is Talk Like a Pirate Day everywhere else, at Bruce Clay, Inc., it’s also Dress Like a Pirate Day.

If you check out Bruce Clay, Inc.’s Flickr page you’ll see that some of us got a little more into it than others (guilty as charged). Friday + Fake Holidays = Awesomeness. (Please note: There is no real drinking going on. It’s cold coffee in those bottles. I swear it.)

We’re not the only ones getting into Talk Like A Pirate Day, though. Over at Search Engine Land, Barry Schwartz gives props to everyone who took time out to celebrate. Barry, we love you, but your avatar looks a little less like a pirate and more like a pilgrim. What does everyone else think?

Barry also lets us know that Matt Cutts still loves bloggers. In fact, they’re his favorite people. What? He said blogs, not bloggers? Fine. Whatever.

SEOMentor gives us ten reasons why he’ll be at ScarySEO next month. Will you be there? I won’t, but Bruce Clay’s Director of Eastern Operations Chris Hart will be. Kick him for me if you see him.

This week we learned that Tamar Weinberg’s 85-year-old grandfather is both a social media whiz and hilariously adorable. Who knew?

We also learned that there were valuable SEM lessons to be learned from ’70s TV shows. Or something. What are the ’70s? I don’t understand this concept. [I think that was the decade with Ashton Kutcher?–Susan] When they wore trucker hats and played jokes on people?

I joked last week that I would have to start stealing from Bruce to support my deadly high fructose corn syrup habit. It seems Lisa Barones everywhere took me seriously. Bad, Lisa, bad! Allegedly.

Ross Dunn had a great video interview with Ralph Wilson, with Ralph being in the hot seat this time, not Ross. During the interview the legendary Ralph Wilson gives some tips on how to stay on top of your writing and a balance your workload. It’s excellent.

It’s September, which means its time for Matt McGee to give us another installment of the Top 21 Signs You Need a Break From SEO. I think number one on the 2009 version should be that you’ve spent four years coming up with signs people need a break from SEO. We love you, Matt! :)

Dave Snyder stepped away from Twitter for a week and then came back on Monday to share what he learned. One of his big takeaways was the realization that Twitter has become a haven for negativity and fighting. He’s right. And because of Dave, I’m making an effort to keep my Twittering positive. No more Twitter angst!

The Australian media hates Sarah Palin. Or maybe Google does? Ooo, that’d be a fun rumor to start!

Lastly, this makes me dizzy. But I can’t stop watching it. Look, there they go!

Things I Learned On BoingBoing This Week:

  • This would be handy to take anywhere.
  • This is indeed the scariest toy concept ever. How is that even a toy? Maybe it’s a toy for Satan’s children? You know, like Susan.
  • How protective over your sandwiches do you have to be for this?
  • Mmm, salami floors. [The first commenter takes his sandwich meats too seriously. He probably uses those bags from the previous bullet point.–Susan]
  • Some people really want to be cheerleaders. Like enough to sell out their children.
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One response to “Friday Recap: Pirate Liberties Edition”

  1. Jordan McCollum writes:

    Hey–there’s nothing wrong with looking like a pilgrim!

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