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August 4, 2006

Friday Recap 08/04/2006

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Google almost killed a guy last week. (It’s a nervous laugh, I swear). On July 27th, Google’s stock appeared to make a $350 plummet in less than ten minutes. An investor who thought he had just lost more than $68,000 told his stock broker he almost had a heart attack. (No medical records to back that up, sorry!) The “drop” was caused when a NASDAQ member firm punched in an erroneous figure to begin a trade. Damn decimals. Luckily the investor lived to hear his $68,000 in Google stock was safe, though maybe he should reconsider his investments.

Yahoo! Deutschland is looking for an SEO Specialist to help its Media, Communications & Search products rank higher. Who are they targeting? Google?

We’re sooo cool. The job of Search Engine Optimizer was rated one of the Four Jobs on the Cutting Edge, according to the Robert Half International staffing firm. Hear that? We’re on the cutting edge. Team Nerd!

Speaking of nerds (just kidding, Andy), Andy Beal has announced his departure from Fortune Interactive, the company he co-founded just ten months ago. Wow. Have no fear, unlike last time Andy will be able to hold on to his Marketing Pilgrim blog. Good to hear.

Over at Cartoon Barry, Barry Schwartz wants to know who you’d rather look at: his SitePal avatar or Matt Cutts’ SEO videos. I’d rather look at Barry. His background and outfit are far cuter than Matt’s. Though, if you ask me, glasses aside, they kind of look alike, don’t they?

Phil Lenssen created an interesting survey to see how often people use a list of more than fifty Google products. You don’t realize how many products Google throws out until you seem them all compiled. Out of that list, I use five everyday – Gmail, Blogger, Notebook, Web Search and Blog Search. I bet I’d use Writely too but I’m still waiting for my invite. [cough.]

Not surprisingly, users said they use Google’s Web search and Gmail hourly. Twenty-eight products had very high unused numbers (Checkout, Google Answers, Orkut, Google Base, etc.). Very telling.

I’m kind of snarky so it probably comes as no surprise that I like other people who say snarky things. Check out this quote from Security Researcher David Maynor:

“We’re not picking specifically on Macs here, but if you watch those ‘Get a Mac’ commercials enough, it eventually makes you want to stab one of those users in the eye with a lit cigarette or something.”

Heh, awesome.

Am I the only one who’s finding Rocketboom kind of lame lately? Yesterday they highlighted racewalking. Racewalking! For those needing their Amanda fix, the now unboomed-Congdon posted a “Where Are They Now” update on her blog to fill everyone in on her status. Hearing her parents call her a loser makes me homesick. Cute PJs though.

Why shouldn’t you put 100 percent faith into anything you read on Wikipedia? Stephen Colbert explains the concept of Wikiality and then gets banned. The reasoning behind the ban is somewhat suspect. Wikipedia says Colbert’s username was banned because it had “become fairly obvious that this account was not created or owned by Stephen Colbert“. Err, okay? Either way the damage has been done. I’ll never believe anything I read about George Washington or elephants again. Thanks, Colbert.

(Disclaimer: If you are not thoroughly amused by this Friday Recap you can blame FireFox. It ate all my tabs. Twice. Sorry.)

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