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December 12, 2008

Friday Recap: My Little Pony Edition

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We’re closing in on the merriest holidays of the year. What do I want for Christmas? A pony.

More specifically, a mini pony. Like this darling foal:

[No, you can’t have a pony. –Susan]

If that’s too much to ask, what about a little white Christmas action here in SoCal? We’re busy making our own paper snowflakes to decorate the office but nothing beats real snow. Sure, digging out cars and wearing umpteen layers at a time gets old after a while, but the beauty of a single snowflake would make it worth it. (Except the last one. Yuck.)

Sorry, did you come here to read about search marketing? My bad. Consider that snowflake Mother Nature’s lesson in design. And consider this a marketer’s lesson in article design. (Nature lovers may also be interested to know that tonight’s full moon will be the biggest and brightest in more than a decade.)

Hmm… why am I trying to justify the worth of this blog post, anyway? No one trusts bloggers, you know. We’re almost as bad as those nasty Spartans.

Earlier this week I talked about the predictions for the Internet in 2009 that are popping up. Jane Copland shares her predictions over on the SEO Chicks blog. Here’s me crossing my fingers that the reintroduction of professional journalism will in fact come true. [Keep dreaming, Journalist Girl. –Susan] Although professional and traditional are a world apart these days, as evidenced by Facebook’s newest board member, Washington Post CEO Donald Graham. It’s a brave new media world we’re living in.

In the spirit of the season, there are a number of ways marketers can give back to the community. Sign up as a new advertiser with and the company will donate a toy to Toys for Tots. Joe Hall showed us how donating time to SEO a site for charity can lead to backlinks. If you’re on Twitter, Squidoo will give a dollar to the charity of your choice in exchange for a quick tweet. Or give back to the SEM community by filing out the Search Engine Watch Readership Survey.

Google had some announcements this week. Misspelled results are being presented differently in the SERPs. The Local Business Referrals program, which paid people to visit local businesses and gather contact info and photos, is closing its doors at the end of the year. AdWords is coming to an iPhone and Android phone near you.

This year’s fastest rising queries on Google were announced, with everyone’s favorite lovable (or laughable, depending on your preference) governor topping the list. Google released a new way for webmasters to add social features to sites with Friend Connect. And they threw their engineers a swanky holiday party in NYC complete with filet mignon.

Despite the flamboyant celebration, Google’s in the same boat as the rest of us. But hopefully the economy is looking up. So says the NY Post in their story of how an out-of-work MIT grad finally increase in online spending last week which made up for the four percent drop in sales this November. Overall, online consumers are spending about the same amount as last year. Search advertising is up this quarter, although the ad spend is apparently not coming from the small business sector.

On the lighter side, Digital marketing company Squareoak compiled a thorough list of SEM resources, the majority of which are more like general life resources. I was also alerted to a comprehensive directory of Web 2.0 sites. I only wish it was easier to navigate. Luckily, there is a yin and yang to this world — Apple has decided to make iTunes easier to use, announcing that DRM-free music will be available in May. [It’s about freaking time. –Susan]

And not to be forgotten, Search Engine Strategies Chicago was this week and Search Engine Watch has kindly rounded up each day’s top stories.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

  • If your kid is the type to destroy a toy through rough play soon after receiving it, go ahead and give him the gift that keeps on giving!
  • I know I said I wanted a pony, but I’d settle for a monkey riding a dog because this couple is equally adorable.
  • I keep hearing that it’s important to work with a language expert before jumping into the realm of international SEO. Case closed.
  • The day when computers can read our minds is that much closer.
  • This year will be a second longer than last year. [Oh good, now I’ll have time to finish my novel. –Susan]
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One response to “Friday Recap: My Little Pony Edition”

  1. Lisa Barone writes:

    You mentioned Spartans and didn’t pimp Susan’s ‘Sesparza’s Sparticans’ shirt?

    Friday Recap Fail, V.

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