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January 23, 2009

Friday Recap: Inaugur-Overload Edition

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This week was dominated by coverage of the inauguration. (Guilty as charged!) To get a feel for what people were talking about, it’s always worth taking a look at the popular searches. According to Yahoo, President Obama’s new limo and a game involving former President Bush and a hot dog (I have no idea…) were at the top of the American public’s mind this week.

There was also a lot of talk about the new-found role the Internet played during the inauguration. For the first time, viewers flocked to their computers to watch the historic event go down, bringing the clout of Internet TV to a whole new level.

If you were watching the inaugural events the old-fashioned way, you may have caught sight of a familiar face. Yep. Matt Cutts gained the bragging rights associated with actually attending our 44th’s swearing in.

Danny Sullivan was also in Washington D.C. and shared his play-by-play of the crazy crowds via Twitter. In an article on Search Engine Land Danny pointed out that not only is Obama heir to the stinker that is our economy, but he’s lucky enough to be saddled with the “miserable failure” bomb as well!

These technical bugs crack me up. Here’s another one for you. It’s possible that, due to a technicality, Barack Obama is not the country’s first African-American president. Go figure.

We all sympathized with the new commander in chief’s desire to hold on to his Blackberry. Now a super-spy-safe PDA is going to do just the trick. Good-spirited hackers everywhere will be disappointed, but props for solving that riddle. Oh, and for bringing the U.S. government into the 21st century!

The White House unveiled a sparkly, new Web site this week (complete with a blog!). Vanessa Fox reviewed it and shared her initial assessment regarding the search-friendliness of the site. Free SEO advice for the White House! Someone should have gotten an invitation to one of those fancy after parties. Or at least a ticket to Obama: the musical.

Also showing a willingness to move into the digital age, the Vatican launched its own YouTube channel this week. Now we just need to teach the Pope how to use Twitter and the Vatican will be as successful as these top Twitter brands in no time!

Twitter usage is continuing its absurd growth spurt, and this week it was reported that for the first time visits to Twitter surpassed visits to Digg. The microblogging service seems to become more powerful all the time. Over at the TwiTip blog, Hendry Lee showed us the vast amount of tracking and conversion data you can harvest through the service. Wow!

On the other side of the spectrum, a lot of people have not been impressed by the frequent outages going on at Omniture. No hard feelings, but c’mon Omniture. People are cutting services over much smaller indiscretions.

We welcomed a new service to the industry this week: The service — a brainchild of David Mihm and Patrick Sexton — is an easy-to-use all-in-one resource for companies looking to take advantage of local listing services.

Facebook took on a new level of usefulness, this time as an instrument of free speech in restrictive political environments. Good job, Facebook. You deserve a fist bump. Mimobot, you get one too for your e-recycling = savings program! Now what did I do with that old flash drive? I guess being a woman and, thus, a superior multi-tasker does not mean I can keep track of multiple thoughts in my head…

That’s what I’ll ask for for my birthday. A better memory, a slick touch screen tablet and a lifetime’s supply of Red Bull. Yeah, that’ll do.

Before I get to my favorite part of the Friday Recap I thought I’d take a moment to get excited about the East Coast SEO training courses we’re offering this year. However, if you’re in the L.A. area you can catch up with Bruce next week at the DOMAINfest Conference in Hollywood.

And with that we’ve come to…

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

  • Some kind soul has done what all of us wanted but were too lazy to make ourselves. A compilation of videos of itty bitty animals lives!
  • A lesson for the Internet: if it’s good and you give it away for free, people will still pay for it.
  • A cheap Casio watch can get you a trip to Cuba.
  • Ever get the feeling you’re the main character of the Truman Show? Maybe you are…
  • There is a special throne of glory reserved for baristas. (Did I mention that I was once a barista?)
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