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August 18, 2006

Friday Recap 08/18/2006

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Jumping right in, MSN is quickly crawling at a moderate pace up the Which-Engine-Does-Lisa-Like-The-Most ladder, only it has nothing to do with the quality of their SERPS and is only partially related to my growing love for Msndude. They’ve made their way into my good graces by recognizing that a girl’s love for ice cream is far more important than that silly hyper text protocol thing. Mmmm, Cold Stone.

Speaking of ice cream, one of the Google chef’s whipped up this trans-fat creation for those health-conscious Googlers. Looking at it, I’m not sure I’d eat that.

I was overjoyed with this week’s news that Writely was live! I got to toy with it before its official release and my initial testing has me enjoying it. I can upload and export files, post directly to the blog (theoretically), give Susan instant access to all of my crazed rantings and take my writings wherever I go. All of that makes me a happy blogger. Of course, I do have my reservations — I wish the editing screen looked less like an email and I prefer a toolbar to drop down menus — but overall this is one of Google’s better releases, IMO.

Stuntdubl has a great post on increasing blog subscribers by adding a Best Posts page to your blog. I think it’s a great idea. The Bruce Clay blog needs a special Friday Recap section, don’t you think?

Charlene Li wrote a great post last week entitled My Google Bag which shows how her six-year-old daughter and second grader son differentiate between Yahoo! and Google. It’s a good read for the branding conscious, plus her kids sound adorable.

So now I’m confused. Is Matt Cutts GoogleGuy or what? I was at the session where the alleged admission took place, but I took it as him saying he was Google’s Guy, not GoogleGuy. But smarter-than-me Rand and others took it differently. Matt said he didn’t mean to imply he was GoogleGuy, but didn’t exactly deny it either. Ahh, the mystery continues.

Speaking of Matt (and really, aren’t we always?) one of the funniest things I’ve read this week was the crazies on Matt Cutts’ blog telling him to chug hot water to get rid of his cold. Don’t laugh; it probably would get rid of his cold – along with his tongue, esophagus and a few vital organs. People are nuts; we should boil them in tubs of hot water.

Totally unrelated to Matt: Tim “Don’t Call Me The Matt Cutts Of Yahoo!” Converse, says no more Matt jokes. He has retired them, singing that people are special and as individual as snowflakes. Aww. Does that mean I can’t wear my Timlets T-shirt in public anymore? Drats.

The wacky guys responsible for those Session Blog cards (thanks for leaving me one at the BC booth, guys!) have uploaded a video of their San Jose experience and you should go watch it. Their commentary is very giggle-worthy (especially the Then We Geeks Formed a Line segment) and I can’t help but laugh at the drunken robot soccer. Who doesn’t love drunken robot soccer?

Over at Blogoscoped, Phil Lenssen gives us highlights from Google, as Overheard in the Office.

Producer: My friend went to the Galapagos Islands and was astounded. They have birds called blue boobies. Google "blue boobies". You’ll see pictures of them.
Suit: I’m not searching for blue boobies on my computer. I’ll get called into the office for a talk.
Producer: Oh, I’ll do it…see?
Suit: Wow, who would have thought that wouldn’t have brought up a porn site?


Phil also conducted a survey to see what the most requested Google features were. He offered up more than 50 different features for readers to pick from, including charts in Google Spreadsheet, bigger Gmail storage, a more reliable Blogger, wildcard searches and more.

According to Phil’s results, the most requested Google feature was a much higher level of detail in Google Maps. Huh? Users want better Google Maps before spam-free Web results (number two)? Good riddance.

Barry Schwartz practices mind control posted a hypnotizing video over at Cartoon Barry that makes your world look all fuzzy like you just did that spin-around-with-your-forehead-attached-to-a-baseball-bat trick. Only Barry’s method comes with funky techno music in the background. Fuuuun.

That’s it from me. I hope you guys had a good week. I’m still recovering from mine. So far I’ve been made fun of by Threadwatch, nearly fainted after being called a talent by my not-so-secret crush Rand, got blog props from Barry and I have yet to be flamed for yesterday’s Don’t Be Famous post. I think I’m gonna try and sneak out of this week while the going’s good…


Google shirts!

Stephen Colbert’s Tips for Protecting Your Online Identity [Susan thinks this is funny. I’m not so sure, but maybe you’ll like it.]

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