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August 25, 2006

Friday Recap: Farewell 1 Pluto Edition

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First, a moment of silence to acknowledge the cruel and unfair demotion of no-longer-a-planet Pluto based on its inability to “dominate its orbit around the Sun” the way the other planets do. So just because Pluto’s a little different from its friends it gets stripped of its title? Gee, that’s a great lesson for all the kids out there.

Pluto, fear not, you will not be forgotten, especially by your siblings Earth, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter, as well as your other loyal companion of the same name.

Okay, back to the search stuff. is helping confused parents understand their children’s cyber language by allowing them to type those little emoticons into their search box to find out what the heck they mean. It’s pretty cool that can identify non-alphanumeric characters. Barry Schwartz says this feature isn’t new and has actually been around for awhile. New Yorkers are such killjoys.

Do you want to know what the top five SEO excuses are? Google it. Go to Google and search for it. Heh, wise guy. I bet he’s a New Yorker too.

GMan67 is causing so much trouble over at SEOmoz that posts are getting pulled, people are giving him new not-nice nicknames and threatening lawsuits, and Rand had to issue some public ground rules for all SEOmoz bloggers. Why doesn’t the BC blog see that much excitement?

An unfortunate Google search shows that even brilliant minds are susceptible to embarrassing college moments. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Sergey is a very pretty girl.

Good Morning Silicon Valley was kind enough to help Maureen Govern update her resume as she prepares to look for new work:

“Reason for leaving last job: Violated the privacy of 600,000 company customers”

Ouch. And get it right, it was 658,000 users.

Storing some pent-up aggression? Phil Lenssen gives us a great way to release it. Click it and it dies. Or if you’re feelin’ kind of feisty and want to blow things up The Google Maps flight simulator lets you destroy objects in your favorite domestic and international cities. With a little coordination you can even do figure 8s!

If blowing things up isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d prefer the SpeedType game. This one could keep me entertained for hours, especially since to all my coworkers it just sounds like I’m frantically working on my Friday Recap. Silly games are exactly what Fridays were made for.

Bladam, aka the blog de MiniMatt, aka Adam Lasnik, finally got interesting this week. First we’re privy to MiniMatt’s take on fickle blog communities and then we learned he spends his Saturday nights “optimizing” his T-shirt drawer. Wow, this boy has one raging social life.

But wait – Adam is offering you, yes YOU, the chance to “win” one of the obsessive compulsively filed T-shirts! All you have to do is write a “geek limerick” (what makes a limerick a geek limerick?) and post it on his blog. The contest ends tonight at 11:59pm PST. SEOmoz’s Rebecca looks to be the front runner so far. That girl is everywhere lately.

Last week it was the Web 2.0 logo generator and this week it’s the, well, we’ll just call it the “Phrase” Generator since we don’t use foul language on this blog [unlike, Greg Boser]. Click the, uh “phrase” button and watch as it spouts back all your favorite Web 2.0 terminology. My favorite will always be “post A-list folksonomies”, if only because I have no idea what folksonomies means [and after reading this , I still have no idea].

Lastly, sports racers everywhere are reporting that The Colbert Report ripped off a joke heard on Ze Frank concerning the 2006 Fields Medal ceremony. Ze performed a bit about Grigory Perelman, the Russian mathematician who turned down the prestigious award after becoming disillusioned with mathematics, and the proof he wrote that said it was impossible to deform a whole doughnut into a sphere (without tearing it) by bending or stretching it.

Why that’s an important thing to be able to do I don’t know, but during Ze’s Tuesday show he “proved” Perelman wrong by taking a doughnut and turning it into a sphere (known to us East Coasters as a munchkin) by smooshing it in his hand. Colbert then performed an identical skit on his show later that evening. Did Colbert steal Ze’s joke or was the joke just an obvious one? I don’t know, but it’s not the first time it’s happened. What does this have to do with Digital marketing? Well, nothing. I’m just a huge fan of Ze Frank’s The Show. And it’s Friday.

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One response to “Friday Recap: Farewell 1 Pluto Edition”

  1. BLADAM: Life, Liberty, Love and Stuff writes:

    Once again, attending a camp for swingers

    Tomorrow night I'm heading off on a plane to once again attend a camp for swingers.  As you can imagine, posting on my blog and sorting through my t-shirt drawers will be far from my mind.

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