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September 1, 2006

Friday Recap: ICSRG Edition

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The blog announced that the Ask engine now supports non-alphanumeric searches. Didn’t we find that out for ourselves last week? I’m a huge girl, but it makes me sad when their blog lags behind the rest of the blogosphere. C’mon guys, more updates! Let us know what’s going on over there.
(Semi-related: Phil Lenssen explains some lesser-known acronyms to his readers. Do you know what IDKYMB2 means? I plan to use BWPWAP as often as possible. [My favorite is ICSRG which we say around here fairly often — Susan])

If you haven’t wandered over to Gray Hat News yet this week, go. Right now. Gurtie (so sorry!) had two especially great posts this past week. First, we learned the real reason for Danny Sullivan’s departure from Incisive (and what happens when you put too much trust into Google Maps). Then, their undercover reporters dug deep to find a new range of GYA link tags that aren’t due to be announced until Monday.
Because we like you (well, most of you), we’ll give you a sneak peak of some of the tags you can expect to see:

noclue – to be used when the linkee clearly has no idea what they’re talking about
nopawn – to be used as a virtual middle finger when linking to obvious linkbait
nofee – to be used when you’re linking as a favour but receiving no actual cash
noulteriormotive – to be used when you really honestly are linking because its a good site
nowayjose – to be used when the site is in a language you don’t speak and may or may not say something bad about Google
nolikee – to be used when linking to a perfectly good site owned by someone you have a personal dislike for

You can thank us later.
Robert Scoble asks if he lost his “blog power“? The answer is yes. And it’s because you don’t link, Robert! The best way to “share what you love” is to link to it and let other people find it. I’m just sayin’.
Matt Cutts issued an SES Recap video this week. The video included industry news updates and brief recap of the SES on goings. He gave me a little scare, starting his video off with (emphasis added, obviously):

“I’m back, I’m mostly over my cold and my wife is somewhere else tonight so I get to make a video. [muahaha.]”

Admit it, the last time you saw a video start that way you covered your eyes in fear for what would happen next. Luckily, I remembered this was Matt and was able to pry my fingers away from my scared eyes.

And I’m glad I did because I got a Matt Cutts shout out. (Drop the hard “e”, Matt). I’m not worthy!

Matt, I hope we do get to cross paths at some point. I had wanted to say hi during the Super Bloggers session but you were surrounded by Cuttlets and I had a blog to write. (I was the one in the Bruce Clay shirt staring at you.) Next time!

And my apologies to MiniMatt for last week’s T-shirt crack. It’s only because I worry! Speaking of T-shirt collections, Google Video gives you an insightful look into Matt’s. Hehe.

I’m not much for lists, but Rand Fishkin put out a great one yesterday highlighting 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic. If you’re a blogger, read it, print it and put it on your wall. But if you haven’t watched this week’s Project Runway, stop before the p.s.!! He totally ruins the ending. Thanks a lot, Rand. :)

Speaking of the SEOmoz gang, super transcriber Rebecca shares with us why she loves working at SEOmoz and it’s totally warm and fuzzy inspiring. I’m glad Rebecca and SEOmoz have found each other.

InsideGoogle’s Nathan Weinberg shows us his new Valleyschwag package. It’s fun to see all the “free” schwag you can receive in the mall for just $15. I had no idea a service like that existed. It’s also fun to hear newly-married Nathan (repeatedly) call his new bride, “Wife”. Aw.

Also interesting, Nathan uploaded his video to three different services and embedded all of them on his blog. It’s up to you if you want to view it via YouTube, Google Video or MySpace. Kinda neat.

Watch the baby do a power move!

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