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June 2, 2006

Friday Recap 06/02/2006

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Ah, it’s the Friday Recap. Do you enjoy these as much as I do? Because I really, really enjoy them. It may have been a short work week, but there’s no shortage of search-related goodness this week. Here are some of our (okay, my) favorites.

The DOJ is up to their old tricks again. CNET reports law enforcement officials are asking Google, Microsoft, AOL, Verizon and other online companies to keep histories of users’ Web activities for up to two years to assist them in criminal investigations. All we know is the two sides have not been able to come to an agreement regarding the matter. Which isn’t exactly surprising. A follow-up date hasn’t been set yet, but you can be sure we’ll let you know when one has.

The National Union of Journalists is gearing up to punish Yahoo! for aiding in the jailing of four Chinese dissidents by boycotting all Yahoo! services. The group has even sent a letter notifying Yahoo! Europe’s Vice President Dominque Vidal of their decision. Yahoooo!

Also Yahoo!: In order to compete with Google and YouTube, Yahoo! has upgraded its Yahoo! Video service to allow users to upload their videos directly. I don’t care.

Google TV? Eric Schmidt says yes!

Users began noticing annoying, highly obtrusive AdSense ads resembling Post its over the past few days. Not only are these ads an awful shade of in-your-face-yellow, they hover over the text as you scroll down the page. The only way to rid them from your life is to walk your mouse over and close them. According to Google, these ‘ads’ are equal to pop ups and are not allowed on the AdWords system. So if you’re using them, stop it. Our eyes beg you.

Lisa Melvin tells us how Ask did what Google, Yahoo! and MSN couldn’t: explain to her young daughter why the sky is blue. While Google offered to sell her the information, Yahoo! proved useless and MSN didn’t seem to know the answer at all. Just more proof that Ask is the superior search. We’re confident Ask will be there to help Lisa’s daughter with all of her major life questions. Up next, where do babies come from?

Microsoft will alter its Vista and Office applications to try and hold off an impending antitrust suit coming from Adobe, who claims Microsoft’s fixed-format document type XPS is a rip-off of Adobe’s PDF. It’s good Microsoft is being pro-active about this. Heck, they’re the ones who announced Adobe was planning a suit.

But don’t feel too bad for the Microsoft employees who have to scramble to make the changes. Microsoft employees have all been given access to cool new Starbucks machines. I have never once in my life been jealous of a Microsoft employee. Until now.

A new Proofpoint/ Forrester Research study found that about one third of companies hire people to read their employee’s email. Man, where do I get that job?

And to anyone who may be reading mine: I swear, I was kidding…

What other stuff happened this week? Well, scientists finally put that ‘What Came First‘ controversy to rest. It was the egg, okay. However, there’s no word on why he crossed the road. Sorry.

Those into strange and unusual videos will get a kick out of the entirely too random Googleheads music video that’s been circulating the Web this week. My favorite part is either the odd shot of the confused read-headed child or the part where a small toddler attacks Kermit. With his mouth.

And Phil Lenssen shows us that sometimes Google Earth takes things a little too far

Okay, this is my most favorite find this week. And I waited until now to spring it on you. It’s my gift to those of you who actually read all the way down these things.

Now, if you’re reading this you’re likely somewhat computer literate. And if you’re computer literate, you’ve probably stalked Google’d a friend or an ex or even an ex’s friend to get some dirt info on them. But as we know, stalking learning about people is getting harder these days with the multitude of social sites out there. Welcome Stalkerati. Now you can perform six stalkerish searches in one shot. Not that I would do that. Or ever have.

All right, that’s it. Enjoy your first June weekend, kids. Summer is a’comin’.

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