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December 1, 2006

Friday Recap 12/01/2006

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I wasn’t particularly saddened by the news that Google Answers was no more (Susan’s my official question answerer. She’s smugly smart and comes free of charge!) [Hey, what do you mean smug? …actually never mind, that’s pretty accurate –Susan], but apparently one guy was, enough so that he felt the need to make a Save GA (Google Answers) video. It’s amusing in that he-really-needs-to-get-a-life kind of way.

In an odd story, well-known searchies Danny Sullivan and Joe Morin are getting behind one guy’s plea to make his wedding proposal during a Superbowl TV commercial. Danny’s even offering ideas as to how the guy can make it happen. I guess it’s cute, and perhaps it’s just the jaded girl in me, but I think grand gestures are awkward and overrated (though Barry’s proposal was perfect). If I was proposed to via some sort of jumbo screen, I think I’d die of embarrassment. And then say no. [As would I, mostly because I’m terminally single and so anyone proposing is clearly a stalker. –Susan]

While we’re talking about the respected, the honorable, the revered Danny Sullivan, we’ll also point you to his colorful What’s Your Google Porn Name post. Danny, we’re shocked, but I guess that’s what happens when you spend too much time partying in the Playboy suite.

Barry Schwartz asks the question we’ve all wondered at some point: if you see a window washer has fallen asleep while 20 stories up, would you wake him? I say no. The only thing worse than the thought of this window washer falling to his untimely demise, is knowing that you caused it by idiotically tapping on your window to awaken him. Let sleeping window washers lie.

Over at Search Engine Land (I better get used to typing that), Danny gives readers 8 Googler Alternatives to Superstar Matt Cutts, complete with stalking capable pictures and fun trivia facts for each. Rock! Now you can go stalk those guys, while I go back Matt into a corner.

In the Cre8asite Forums, one member offers up a true or false psychological test for Web designers, that is, er, interesting to say the least. Yes, I do get concerned when people discuss aspects of myself when I’m not around (don’t you?), but no, I am not attracted to body hair. What does that say about me?

John Battelle links to what would happen in a hamster-version of Super Mario Brothers 2. If only we could build one of these for Fernando. Yes, I will continue to link to that picture as often as I can. Sorry, Fernando.

At Gray Hat News, Gurtie uncovers Microsoft’s habit of using sex appeal to sell its products. It’s gross. You’ll never look at Bill Gates the same way again. There’s something very Doogie Howser about him in that second pic, don’t ya think?

Greatest idea for a game ever: SEO Guess Who. Finally, my Rand and Ze are together. I can die a happy search stalker.

Stuntdubl offers up the Top 14 Cool New Names for Someone Who Practices SEO. Todd, any way I can contract you (in free drinks) to come up with cool new names for blogs and those that love them? This continues to be a problem for me.

Over at Google Blogoscoped, Phil Lenssen created a Word Replacer tool to easily change key words on a give page. The best example of this in use: Super heroes become underwear perverts. Awesome.

If you happen to be an underwear pervert yourself, you may enjoy Google Sightseeing’s Top 10 Naked People on Google Earth post. We’re all familiar with the naked roof sunbather, but there are some others you probably haven’t found, you dirty underwear pervert, you.

The Under The Sun blog offers up the Top 20 replies by Programmers to Testers when their programs don’t work. My personal favorites include:

“It worked yesterday.”
“Somebody must have changed my code.”
“You can’t use that version on your system.”
“It works on my machine”

We hear that last one a lot.

Something to make you go aw: Images of animals in the womb. Check out the 39-day-old dog fetus! I want to take him and keep him in my pocket.

Another great Boing Boing find: HOWTO make a D20 out of pecan pies. Or, I say, for a smaller model, use grilled cheese sandwiches! Mmm, grilled cheese sandwiches.

Seth Godin has a great example of what happens when line-in-the-road makers are too lazy to move a tree branch (heh). Also, you know symbols have become invisible when candy canes are used as the logo for the American Diabetes Association.

(Sidenote: My father is diabetic and one time I gave him a box of sugar cookies (it was a joke! I swear!) for his birthday and he ATE them and ended up in the hospital for 5 weeks. True story. He never lets me forget it.)

Lastly, Rand, don’t you worry your studly little search face, I have responded to SEO Fangirl’s lunch email and will be excitedly attending. Best of all, with any luck, I’ll also be joined by foxy Bruce Clay SEO Analyst Dawn Nuccio, and the distinguishingly ravishing Marie Howell from Bruce Clay UK. I can’t wait to meet all my favorite search ladies. Be jealous, boys!

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