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February 9, 2007

Friday Recap: Cult Classic Edition

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I’ve been breaking into giggle fits all day, so let’s just get to it.

First, for your enjoyment, a wonderful cartoon featuring Bill Gates. Sometimes I really don’t know what I would do if bLaugh wasn’t there to help me start the day.
Gates is Flying High

Hee, thanks, guys.

This week marked my one year anniversary with Bruce Clay. In that time, I’ve learned that Susan’s childhood was filled with viewings of The Never Ending Story, the Princess Bride and other “cult classics” that I’ve never seen and often haven’t even heard of. [Seriously, it’s like she didn’t have a TV or something. It’s appalling. –Susan] My childhood, on the other hand, was filled with a never ending supply of Super Mario Brothers, which makes this totally awesome. My all-time favorite wasn’t included in the list, but really, is there ever a bad rendition of that theme song? I don’t think so.
Google has been suffering some power outages lately, but none as crippling as when a Google pen flatlined on the team. Sadness. The blog reported “considerable inconvenience and loss of data” as a result of the mishap. You could almost feel their anguish.

However, don’t feel too bad for them. Gray Hat News uncovered the truth behind the Google pen mishap and found the pen’s death was caused by an error on’s side, not Google’s. I guess Ask is too busy throwing out Smart Answers to RTFM. (You can look up that acronym on your own). And there’s no word why the team was using a Google pen to begin with. Does Ask have pens? I’ll have to ask Barry Schwartz. He gets all the good schwag.

Gray Hat News also gave us The Women’s Guide to Spamming Personalised Search. Get going, ladies. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the only way to prevent your man from screwing it up is for you to adjust his lame search results.

A terrifying new survey finds that 81 percent of Digg users say that Digg is their primary source of new Web content. Say what? No wonder these people are crazy. They never leave their village.

This kid proves that mailing a letter with coins attached instead of a stamp will actually get it delivered. The $.05 tip may or may not be optional. I’ll have to try it out when I mail my taxes. [I offered to help her e-file but apparently this is bizarro world because I’m advocating technology and she’s going old school. –Susan]

Speaking of tips, Google Blogoscoped told us all about the Google Terra Bite Café where patrons can “pay whatever [they] feel like”. As someone with zero disposable income, free food is almost enough reason to move to Kirkland. I wonder if the café also works on a bartering system. Like, you give me a cheeseburger and I’ll give you my RJ Pez dispenser. It’s not cash but it is in primo condition. (Note: Pez and packaging not included in the offer.)

Also from Google Blogoscoped, a test to determine how you know Google has crossed the line. My favorite is that “Google news are so fully personalized, you’re always making the frontpage”. Heh.

Valleywag puts our mind at ease. Have no fear crazy leaf-eating people, Google’s PB&J contains M&M’s but no meat. You’re safe for another meal.

Barry Schwartz and his wife discuss the goal behind the Internet Marketers of New York get-togethers and ultimately conclude that Barry has founded an organization about eating and drinking. Heh, I want to be best friends with Barry’s wife.

Greg Sterling had the scoop about some awesome Google Maps stickers appearing in London business windows. I totally want one. The question now is who do I know who could perhaps steal one for me? Marie, check your email!

The Guardian’s Charlie Brooker had a great I Hate Macs rant this week, which said in part:

“If you truly believe you need to pick a mobile phone that “says something” about your personality, don’t bother. You don’t have a personality. A mental illness, maybe – but not a personality.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

This may turn out to be a permanent addition to the Friday Recap, but here’s a list of things I learned from BoingBoing this week:

  • Did you now you could open a Mazda with a tennis ball? That’s awesome. It makes for a much smaller mess than using a sledgehammer.
  • Steve Ballmer shops at IKEA
  • Snail slobber makes people prettier. Um, I’ll stay moderately attractive and slobber free, thank you.
  • Sometimes chocolate chip cookies are very scary. Please don’t ever attempt to taint my love for the chocolate chip cookie again. A girl’s gotta have something.
  • My oral fixation just got more dangerous.
  • A Malay woman got on the wrong bus and was lost for 25-years. That right there represents my biggest fear upon moving to California. Do you know how scary 10-lane highways are? [Significantly less scary than public transportation! –Susan] I beg to differ, the T is an excellent form of transportation and will take you anywhere in the city for a buck! You’re from California. You know nothing about public transportation.
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7 responses to “Friday Recap: Cult Classic Edition”

  1. Barry Schwartz writes:

    I can get you an pen, no problem at all.

    Also, I can’t take full credit for founding this eating/drinking group – Greg Nyland (GoodROI) is the man with the vision.

    My wife likes you also – we should get together to, ummmm… eat and drink.

  2. Lisa writes:

    Leaving the catalog on the kitchen table only opens the door to more confusion.

    Ladies, never assume your man is smart enough to have seen something, even if you’ve left it in plain sight. It could have been used to clean up the coffee he spilled, the cat could have knocked it on the floor, it could be sitting under a pile of mail, or he could just be totally oblivious (which is most often the case). I really think tampering with his search results is the way to go.

  3. graywolf writes:

    >the only way to prevent your man from screwing it up is for you to adjust his lame search results

    Or you know you could always just leave your favorite catalog on the kitchen table open to the appropriate page with yellow sticky with an arrow pointing to the correct item along with any size/color/style info, cause if you say something like “you know what I like” we come to the natural conclusion you really wanted an XBox.

    I guess I won’t be uploading any pictures of me sporting my 1980’s tail now to facebook

  4. Lisa writes:

    Hey — don’t blame me. I did not give him that haircut, I just loved him despite it.

    Guess I won’t be linking off to the picture of the mullet my mother gave me. See, it’s not my fault I turned out like this!

  5. SEO Portland writes:

    You scare me sometimes Lisa. It’s not the sharp objects comment (we all want to poke people we like with knives and lawndarts from time to time), but the rattail? A RATTAIL!?

  6. Lisa writes:

    Ah, I remember 12 years ago. I was twelve and had a crush on the boy across the street who had a really smokin’ rattail. We used to sit next to each other on the school bus and poke one another with sharp objects until we drew blood. Those were the days.

    I wonder what little Richie is doing now. Probably jail time.

  7. Michael Jensen (SoloSEO) writes:

    I remember about 12 years ago I used to mail things by putting the letter in our mailbox and setting a quarter on top. It would always work, that must have been one cool postal worker. :)

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